Where to Buy Wheatgrass Powder – Best Brands and Benefits

Where to Buy Wheatgrass Powder

With all the health products on the market, one that often gets overlooked is wheatgrass powder. As the name suggests, this is a type of powder made from wheatgrass.

It also offers many of the same advantages as a shot of wheatgrass juice, while being easier to consume and safer overall.

As a result, this post looks at where to buy wheatgrass powder, along with why it makes sense to use it in your diet.  

If you are interested in reviewing the benefits of wheatgrass visually I recommend this link by Dr. Eric Berg.  Please keep in mind Wheatgrass is not a miracle food, but is a nutritious addition to your diet.  

Dr. Berg's view on wheatgrass is also shared in my research below, as well as Healthline.com.  

Health Benefits of Wheatgrass Powder

Wheatgrass itself is a young grass from the species Triticum aestivum, which is a type of wheat. Wheatgrass has been a particularly common health hoice, typically consumed in the form of a shot. 

It remains popular in juice and smoothie bars, while other people choose to grow their own.

Wheatgrass powder offers an interesting alternative. The powder formulation makes the wheatgrass easier to consume and more versatile.

It also means you don’t have to worry about sourcing fresh wheatgrass on a regular basis.

But, what is it that makes wheatgrass special? Well, for one thing, it is a rich source of plant-based nutrients

This includes various amino acids, vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll. It also acts as a particularly powerful source of the following compounds (1), while being low in calories.

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    Vitamin E
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    Niacin (Vitamin B3)
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    Vitamin B6
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The end result is that wheatgrass is nutritionally dense, making it an effective way to get more nutrients into your diet.

It also contains a range of amino acids, more than many other types of plant and is a good source of protein.

Wheatgrass is also compatible with most diet types. For example, it is low in net carbs and is also acceptable under the paleo diet because it is a grass and not a grain. That versatility makes it especially useful.

Plants also contain a range of other nutrients, many of which can help to improve health. For example, wheatgrass powder is a key source of antioxidants (2) and these offer considerable benefits.

In the case of wheatgrass, one particularly relevant component is chlorophyll. This isn’t a nutrient per se but is a component of plant cells and is how plants produce energy from sunlight.

Wheatgrass contains a considerable amount of chlorophyll and may help to promote health benefits as a result, such as increasing oxygen in the blood (3).

Research also shows that wheatgrass can help improve cholesterol outcomes on a high-fat diet (4) and that it may provide benefits for rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and obesity (5,6).

Wheatgrass may also help to improve the immune system, lower inflammation and reduce levels of oxidative stress (7,8,9).

Early studies have suggested that wheatgrass could reduce cancer risk and may help lower the side effects of chemotherapy (10,11).

The advantages of wheatgrass aren’t all physical either. Instead, evidence from animal studies suggests that wheatgrass may offer mental benefits as well, such as decreasing anxiety levels (12) and even protecting against Alzheimer’s disease (13).

All of these areas are promising and are key reasons for including wheatgrass in your diet.

Nevertheless, the research is in its early stages and there have not been enough clinical trials to know how significant the proposed benefits are.

Additionally, wheatgrass powder often preserves fiber, which is typically lost when making wheatgrass juice.

Fiber is a very important compound for health, which is a reason why some people turn to supplements like Skinny Fiber. But, it’s always best to get your fiber as part of a healthy diet and wheatgrass powder is one way to do that.

For example, fiber can help to improve digestive health (14) and it also helps people to feel full. While there are some risks of too much fiber as well (15), most people aren’t getting enough in their diets (16).

Wheatgrass has also been touted as an amazing health tonic, associated with benefits that include alkalizing the body and detoxing.

For the most part, these claims haven’t been well researched and there’s no way to know if they are true. But, concepts like detoxing and alkalizing tend to be mostly hype.

With that in mind, wheatgrass probably isn’t the miracle food that many people claim. Nevertheless, it remains a powerful source of nutrients and may give you access to the benefits of chlorophyll and other compounds that aren’t as common in other plants.

As a result, wheatgrass powder can help to improve your health. The low calorie content also makes it a perfect way to increase nutrients when you are trying to lose weight, regardless of which healthy lifestyle approach you’re following.

Ways to Buy and Use Wheatgrass Powder

You can get the same general benefits from wheatgrass juice and wheatgrass powder. But, the powder is considerably more versatile, which is a key reason for considering it.

At the same time, wheatgrass has an intense flavor, in either form. With the powdered version, you can mix the wheatgrass into a smoothie.​

If you do so, the other ingredients will often mask that taste of the wheatgrass or even make it entirely unnoticeable.

For example, here are some recipes for protein shakes that use wheatgrass powder.

If you do use wheatgrass in protein shakes, you’re also getting the benefits of the shakes.

For example, protein shakes are often used for weight loss or muscle development, helping to ensure that people get enough protein and that they don’t constantly feel hungry.

There are many high quality protein powders out there that you can use along with wheatgrass powder to promote your best health outcomes, including plant-based protein powders and low-carb options.

Likewise, protein shakes can let you easily consume a range of nutrient-dense foods in a form that is convenient and actually tastes good.

For example, some powerful ingredients include kale, raw cacao, chia seeds, vanilla, ginger, turmeric and cinnamon.

Alternatively, you can still consume wheatgrass powder as a shot, much like you would with wheatgrass juice. Doing so simply involves adding the powder to water and shaking well. You might also include a little lemon juice to improve the flavor and mixability.

There are other ways to use the powder as well. For example, the brand Sari Foods suggests that you can include the wheatgrass powder in a hot drink, a salad dressing or even just sprinkled over yogurt.

Safety Considerations

Despite the source, wheatgrass is actually gluten-free, because gluten is present in wheat grains, not in the grass itself. Nevertheless, it’s important to be careful when buying wheatgrass, as there is a significant risk of cross-contamination.

Some experts recommend avoiding wheatgrass entirely if you are gluten intolerant. If you’re just sensitive to gluten, you may be okay, but it’s still important to be careful and read ingredient labels closely.

Wheatgrass juice is also controversial because of microbial contamination. In contrast, powdered wheatgrass is typically heat treated to remove any microbes and is subject to controls and testing. As a result, it is a much safer choice overall.

You may also experience some side effects when you first start taking wheatgrass powder.

These include nausea, constipation, a fever or an upset stomach (17). However, those side effects decrease and then disappear as your body adjusts to the wheatgrass.

The site Be Healthy offers more details about these side effects.

Drinking a full glass of water when you’re taking the wheatgrass can reduce the risk of any side effects.

You can also start with a small dose and increase it over time, which makes it easier for your body to get used to the wheatgrass. 

Where to Buy Wheatgrass Powder

Wheatgrass powder is less well-known than wheatgrass juice but there are still many places where you can buy the powder. For example, you may find it in local health food stores, including places like GNC.

But, you can also buy wheatgrass powder online for roughly the same prices. Doing so is much more convenient and gives you access to a wider selection of brands.

One good option to consider is the Pure Organic Wheatgrass Powder from Sari Foods.

This brand dries the wheatgrass and then grinds it, which means that you end up with more fiber than you would otherwise.

The brand also has a strong focus on quality, which includes offering an organic product and harvesting the wheatgrass at the best time.

That emphasis on quality is a key reason why Sari Foods is a good choice. Additionally, the brand offers other health products, including turmeric powder, acai powder and spirulina powder, all of which can offer their own benefits to health.

One other thing to note is that there is no USDA symbol on the package, unlike other products from the brand. The company states that this is just an issue with the package, rather than the product itself and that this is USDA certified powder.

Another product to consider is Amazing Grass, which is actually a brand that GNC sells. Of the two, this is the more popular brand, although both receive consistently positive reviews.

In this case, the product is USDA certified organic and is also verified as GMO free.

As with the earlier example, the powder is created from dried wheatgrass, not from juice, so the fiber is preserved. The company also relies on the tips of the grass, which is where the nutrients are the most concentrated.

Overall, the two brands are similar to one another and both offer roughly the same benefits.

The Amazing Grass option has considerably more reviews and has the GMO-free certification that Sari Foods doesn’t. Nevertheless, the Amazing Grass product is more expensive per ounce unless you are buying the largest size.

One final option comes from the brand Terrasoul Superfoods. In this case, the product is a little bit different as it is wheatgrass juice powder.

This means that the wheatgrass is first juiced and that juice is then dried to form a powder.

The end result is less fiber in the finished product. However, the other nutrients do tend to be more concentrated as a result.

This brand has the USDA certification, along with the non-GMO verification that the previous option had. Once again, there is a strong focus on quality and the powder is also produced in the United States.

Realistically, you can choose wheatgrass juice powder or wheatgrass powder, depending on your own wants and needs.

 For example, if you already get enough fiber in your diet, this product may be an appropriate choice. If not, then either the Sari Foods or the Amazing Grass versions may be better.

Even though there are some differences in nutrients, all three brands produce excellent products, which would be powerful for increasing your nutrient intake.

Wheatgrass and a Healthy Diet

One common question is what makes wheatgrass special?

After all, many vegetables are nutritionally dense, including options like kale and swiss chard.

A key reason is simply variation. There is no single best vegetable to include in your diet.

Instead, the most positive health outcomes come from including a wide range of different types of fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices.

For example, wheatgrass, pumpkin and asparagus all contain different nutrients and plant-based compounds.

As a result, you’ll never get all the nutrients you need from a single vegetable. Instead, you need to vary your selection up and wheatgrass is one important addition to that mix.

Versatility is also an important consideration. Wheatgrass powder offers a way to get many of the nutritional benefits of vegetables in a powdered form.

This means you don’t have to worry about your produce spoiling and you can always have something at hand.

The powder is also a way to include vegetables in more meals or to quickly increase your nutrient intake.

Both approaches can be important, especially as nutrient deficiencies can put your health at risk.

Even if you’re not convinced about wheatgrass, it’s still worth trying out the powder. If nothing else, it can be a valuable source of nutrients and is easy to include in the diet.

Plus, with products like what Sari Foods offers, you know you’re getting something healthy and high quality.

Turmeric Smoothie

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Better health starts in the kitchen, with the food that you eat and the meals you prepare. Getting the best outcomes involves making good choices about the food and the ingredients that you use. 

Check out my recommended products to see where you can get started. 

Where to Buy Wheatgrass Powder – Best Brands and Benefits

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