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My name is Vince Perugini and I am the creator and founder of this site.  Not only is nutrition my passion, but it is also my professional background.  

I have worked in the health and nutrition field for the last twentyeight years. I have held positioins as Certified Dietary Manager, Food Service Director and Clinical Dietetic Technician. 

I have been involved in clinical nutrition since late 1990 at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital. Performing nutrition assessments on hospital patients, along with patient and family education. These lifelong experiences have provided me with an up-close look at food and its impacts on health. 

Along with my firsthand experience in nutrition I have spent thousands of hours researching clinical studies about food, and it's role on human health. My main portal of research is PubMed.   

Early in my career as a dietetic technician, working alongside with registered dietitians, I witnessed the extensive complications brought about by diabetes and peripheral vascular disease at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center.

This was the first time I was able to personally see the ravages brought about by this disease. This further increased my interest in the connection between food and health. 

As the Foodservice Director at Union Hospital I observed more and more patients suffering from obesity and metabolic syndromes. The trends at this time were for more and more of the general population to be defined as obese. 

While talking to various patients I noticed that many were confused by the topic of healthy eating. These interactions reinforced my perspective that many people lack basic nutrition knowledge. 

My goal is to continue to research nutrition through science-based studies and in the process help others who are looking for reliable, comprehensive and objective nutrition information. My overall goal with the site is trustworthy content you can learn from

Please note that most articles will feature numbers in parenthesis, such as this (1) . In a real article if you click the number it will bring you to an actual study or high quality source of additional detailed information.  

For example, the studies could be either clinical trials,  randomized controlled studies or even systematic reviews.  

What do you want from this site?

This site is all about being healthy – primarily through food, although I do touch on lifestyle as well. 

This isn’t something I talk about abstractly.

Instead, I focus on scientific evidence and practical information that you can use to improve your health and make your own life better.

This site focuses on:

  • How specific foods can help improve your health and decrease the risk of disease
  • How some supplements can play a key role in health, while others aren’t even worth considering
  • What diet approaches work for weight loss, and what ones don’t
Business Seals

Throughout the site, I aim to provide accurate and up-to-date scientific evidence about health and nutrition. I also want to present that information in a way that everyone can understand - regardless of their scientific background (or lack thereof).

Why Nutrition You Can Use

We live in an age of information overload and there is a lot of contradiction in the information out there. Finding a reliable source of nutrition information often seems impossible. In fact, many nutrition sites even have their own hidden agendas. Others offer advice or claims, without any scientific facts to support them.

Nutrition You Can Use is different.

With Nutrition You Can Use, I focus on using research (particularly randomized controlled studies) to set the record straight on nutrition. I aim to provide information that will help you to make better choices for your own health and for the health of your family.

The site also looks at how to get the most out of food as well as recipes and food selection to help you meet health goals, like safe weight loss, decreased inflammation and increased energy. I will also focus on deceptive food practices, misleading food labeling, exaggerated health claims, unsafe diets and food myths.

All of these different areas come together under the general banner of improving health through food. After all, the food we eat is much more powerful than we often assume. As always, that information will be strongly rooted in science.

Some Clarification About the Site

With this site I make every effort to be accurate in the science that I present. However, science is a complex field and most of the time there are at least some contradicting pieces of evidence. For any given topic, there might be hundreds or thousands (if not more) studies. These will differ in their approaches, their methods and in many other factors.

Where possible, I try to provide updates to articles and/or post content that focuses on very significant recent advances in a field of research that I have discussed. 

This is one reason why the information on this site is not intended to be medical advice. Instead, you should talk to a healthcare professional before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle.

I also encourage reader engagement throughout the site. After all, this site is really about you, not me.

If you have a question about a study I used or the way I addressed a topic, feel free to leave me a comment. I’ll do my best to address what you have to say, and maybe we’ll both learn something in the process.Likewise, feel free to shoot me an email or a comment if you think there is a topic that I should focus on.

Most of the time, I emphasize topics that are frequently searched for, as these are the ones that folks like you want to know more about. However, there may well be specific topics that are eating away at you – if so, let me know.

Funding Sources

All views discussed and promoted on Nutrition You Can Use are my own and they are not influenced by any third-party or company.

From time to time, affiliate links may be used to promote specific products or services. These links help to finance the site, but they do not influence its content. Instead, I choose what to promote based on what I personally like and use. This means that I will not promote anything that isn’t strongly in line with the mission of this site.

The bottom line is that I have no conflicts of interest that influence the material that is presented on Nutrition You Can Use.

Instead, all information is based on accurate and up-to-date scientific evidence.