Mango Powder Benefits – A Look at the Latest Research

Mango Powder Benefits

Also called amchur powder or just amchur, mango powder is becoming a popular option to boost health.

To make things even more exciting, research supports the presence of mango powder benefits, suggesting that it is a great option for your diet.

But, what is it that makes mango powder worth trying? That’s precisely the question that this post focuses on, along with the science behind mango powder.

What is Mango Powder?

Now, mango powder is exactly what the name suggests, a powder that has been created from dried mango. Specifically, it is made from unripe mangoes and ends up having a sweet and sour taste.

Historically, amchur has been particularly common as a flavoring, especially in ethnic cooking and in curries. This continues to be the case today but there is also a focus on using it mainly for health benefits, rather than flavor.

Mango powder is also appealing simply because it lasts.

In particular, mangoes themselves offer health benefits but you can only get them during the summer. On the other hand, amchur powder is available all year round and you don’t have to worry about using it quickly.

This aspect alone makes mango powder incredibly popular.

Dry Mango Powder Nutrition Facts

Mango and mango powder

The nutritional information for mango powder varies somewhat between brands and may also be based on the variety of mango. At the same time, there are no standardized or official reference values for amchur powder.

However, it is clear that mango powder tends to be relatively low in calories, averaging around 36 calories per tablespoon (1). As you may expect, the energy comes from carbs, primarily in the form of sugar.

There are also some nutrients present, including small quantities of vitamin C and calcium. However, mango powder isn’t a significant source of any key vitamins or minerals.

Despite this, it is still relevant for health because of the various plant-based compounds that are present (2).

This type of chemical is also why options like coffee, dark chocolate and tart cherry juice all offer a wide range of health benefits. Likewise, the power of superfoods often come from similar compounds.

Mango Powder Benefits and Research

Mango powder has been linked to a range of benefits, many of which are associated with mangoes themselves.

For example, amchur powder is thought to help improve digestion, partly because of the fiber that is present. Likewise, the antioxidants in mango powder could make it relevant for reducing disease risk, promoting skin health and improving overall wellbeing. Indeed, the compounds in mango may even be relevant for promoting cardiovascular health and helping to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Many of the benefits of mango powder are associated with traditional use and the effects that people have observed. Nevertheless, there are some outcomes that are supported by scientific research as well.

In particular, one study into mango powder found that a dose of 300 mg per day was able to significantly improve multiple outcomes related to diabetes, including microcirculation and glucose metabolism (3). A similar effect on blood sugar has also been found for freeze-dried mango (4).

What is Mango Powder

Likewise, animal research has reinforced the connection between mangoes and diabetes (5).

While some of this research does apply to mangoes themselves as well, mango powder may be an especially powerful way to get health benefits.

After all, the powder tends to be relatively low in calories, offering a good way to get nutrients without compromising a weight loss regimen.

For that matter, research suggests that compounds in amchur powder may even help with weight loss (6), and better control over diabetes could also be significant in that area.

Amchur Powder Side Effects

For the most part, mango is a safe fruit and mango powder is as well. Nevertheless, mangoes do come from the same family as cashews and pistachios. As a result, you may be sensitive to them if you have an allergy to that family.

There are also some cross-reactions, especially for people who are sensitive to poison ivy or to latex. Nevertheless, most people won’t experience any side effects at all, especially if they consume the powder in moderation.

Using and Buying Mango Powder

You can make mango powder yourself from unripe mango and that may be appealing if you like preparing your own ingredients. In particular, you would make small chips from the mango and then dry these via the sun or in the oven. From there, the chips can be ground to make a powder (7).

For most people though, buying the mango powder will make more sense and it is easy to achieve. At the same time, the powder tends to be inexpensive. For example, we recommend the option below, which is also available in multiple sizes.

As is often the case, the larger sizes tend to work out less expensive per ounce. Still, if you’re trying mango powder for the first time, you may pick a smaller option, just to figure out whether you like the flavor.

Mango Powder and Smoothies

For many people, one of the best uses of mango powder will be in smoothies or shakes. After all, mango itself is an appealing flavor. Mango powder doesn’t have quite the same taste but it still makes a delicious addition to smoothies. At the same time, this can be a great way to get a wide range of health benefits.

Three smoothies with berries,fruits and greens

In particular, many people rely on protein shakes, which are available from many different brands. There is even a great selection of low carb protein powders for anybody who is on a low carb diet or doing ketosis.

This type of shake can be powerful for weight loss, making it easier for people to lower their energy intake. For example, a protein shake can reduce snacking behavior and can even be used to replace a meal.

At the same time, smoothies are perfect for adding in other healthy ingredients, including berries, mango powder and various spices.

For example, cinnamon, ginger and even turmeric are common in smoothies, as are many superfoods. You can turn to the site 100 Days of Real Food for key tips on making amazing smoothies. 

Mango Powder as an Ingredient

Beyond smoothies, mango powder is also popular as an ingredient in various savory dishes. For example, it can be used in curries, soups and marinades. Likewise, mango powder works well with chicken and fish dishes, especially those that would normally make use of lime or lemon juice.

You can find many recipes online that take advantage of mango powder, including a recipe for Chickpeas with Mango Powder over at Lisa’s Kitchen. The site Serious Eats also offers insight into ways to use the powder and what you can expect. 

Even if you’ve never relied on mango powder before, it really is worth trying out. Using it in smoothies or as an ingredient for cooking are both viable options and I’m sure you can think of other alternatives as well.

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