How Accurate are Valentus Slim Roast Reviews?

Woman with coffee

Product reviews are often misleading, especially when it comes to health and weight loss. This post looks at the weight loss coffee by Valentus and considers whether it is actually likely to work. We also take a look at Valentus Optimum, a newer addition to the Valentus product line.

Can You Really Get Your Antioxidants From Coffee?

Couple drinking coffee

Promoting coffee as a healthy drink might seem like a fantasy, but research suggests that this is actually true. Sure, coffee isn’t too healthy if you’re having it instead of sleep – but the presence of compounds like antioxidants does make coffee quite beneficial overall.

Top 11 Nutrition Posts from 2017

Top posts of 2017

In this post, we highlight the most significant posts that have been featured on the blog. Some of them are roundups from bloggers, while others are detailed guides about specific topics. But, they’re all powerful in their own right.