Modere Reviews – Top Facts About The Modere M3 Body System & More

Modere Weight Loss Reviews

The Modere Weight Loss System – or Modere M3 is based on one simple concept, the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Or, at least, that’s what the marketing states.

There are also some positive Modere M3 weight loss reviews out there, with people losing significant amounts of weight.

Plus, the Mediterranean approach has been linked to considerable health benefits, including weight loss and cognitive improvements. It has also been heavily researched and is commonly recommended.

This pattern should make Modere M3 powerful. So, what’s actually involved? And, is the system as amazing as it sounds? Let's take a look. 

Modere’s Products

Modere itself is a health and wellness company that sells many different products, like probiotics and a lean body sculpting system. But, what we're focusing on today is their M3 line. 

You'll hear this called many different names, such as the M3 Body System, M3 Plan, M3 Program or simply M3. The idea is the same each time. 

The M3 body system involves three different main products: Burn, Sustain and Sync. Members can also add on an extra product, Modere Trim, which comes in various flavors.

These are basically supplements, designed to boost weight loss in various ways.

As with most similar supplements, they haven’t been researched extensively. Instead, some of the ingredients may have been through significant research, while others haven’t.

The idea is typical – and tiring. As Abby from Abby Langer Nutrition points out, most diet plans seem to come with supplements nowadays, which is a shame. 

Supplements can be beneficial in some situations, especially for people with deficiencies. But, for fat burning, they often aren’t helpful. Most weight loss supplements have little support

Still, let’s take a look at them.


Modere Burn

Burn is promoted as a thermogenic supplement. So, it’s meant to make your metabolism more efficient and increase fat burning.

To do this, the company relies on vitamin C and chromium, along with a wide range of plant-based compounds.

Burn Ingredients

Many of these are common in other supplements, such as the guarana, green coffee bean extract and green tea leaf extract. But, the evidence is very limited.

Besides that, there are countless other supplements out there that use similar compounds and make the exact same claims.

Some of these might raise your metabolism briefly (such as caffeine). But, there isn’t enough evidence to say that they’ll lead to long-term weight loss.


Modere Sustain

Sustain is a protein shake, designed to decrease appetite.

The company also states that it ‘incorporates elements of the Mediterranean lifestyle’, through the use of vitamin D3 and vegetable proteins. That concept may be true but supplements and protein shakes aren’t a typical part of the Mediterranean diet

To me, that’s misleading marketing.

That being said, shakes like this are a common choice for weight loss and they can be effective.

This particular shake has the following breakdown per serving (25 g):

  • Calories: 90
  • Protein type: Pea
  • Fiber: 4 g
  • Fat: 2 g
  • Sugars: 0 g
  • Protein: 10 g

The biggest issue is protein. At 10 grams per serving, these shakes wouldn’t be especially filling. A shake such as this should have at least 15 or more grams of protein to be significant.  

They are promoted as snacks, not meals, so 10 grams of protein would be okay. Still, you can find other 90 calorie shakes with more protein, such as 310 Nutrition or 18 Shake. There are also other more powerful shakes on the market.

This means that Modere Sustain will work. But, there's nothing unusual about the shakes.


Modere Sync

Sync is another drink mix, which you have in the evening. It is designed to promote digestion and prevent you from being hungry overnight.

To do so, it includes whole oat bran, inulin and apple pectin. There are also various other ingredients, some of which are for flavoring.

In general, fiber supplements can offer health benefits, including promoting digestion. The product also contains a range of prebiotics, so it will help to support gut health.  

That being said – Sync only contains 3 grams of fiber. That’s incredibly low for a fiber supplement and decreases the potential benefits.

Honestly, if you’re going to use a fiber supplement, at least get one with a decent amount of fiber.


Modere Trim

The Modere Trim is an add-on product, not part of the M3 plan itself. Instead, it is promoted as a way to boost your outcomes.

There are various ingredients present but the main one is CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) sourced from safflower. Modere talks about how this can:

  • Inhibit fat storage
  • Decrease fat cell size
  • Reduce formation of fat cells

Now, there is some evidence that CLA is beneficial. This compound is one reason why many people turn to grass-fed meat and there is some evidence of a fat loss benefit (1,2,3). However, not all research agrees (4,5,6). The product also contains collagen. This has been linked to health benefits, although it isn't a weight loss tool.

Some studies even suggest CLA supplements may negatively impact human health (7,8). 

In balance, this means that the supplement could help but it could also put your health at risk. With each bottle costing around $90, the price is high for something that may not even be beneficial. The benefits from real food suffers here, because they suggest supplements again. 

The various products have some potential – but they are expensive and unlikely to offer dramatic benefits

Lifestyle Changes

The overall idea of Modere’s system is to take three products and make three lifestyle changes, for three months. This is called the M3 pledge or the Modere pledge. The options for changes are given in the image below.

Lifestyle changes

These are all healthy approaches – and many people would choose to do all five of them. When combined, the various changes would promote weight loss.

However, the changes are all relatively basic. They aren’t heavily related to the Mediterranean diet either.

Many people would be doing some, or all, of the promoted approaches before starting Modere. For anyone in this situation, the weight loss benefits of Modere could also be smaller.

The various lifestyle changes are healthy but surprisingly simple

Advantages of Modere

Modere does have some advantages for weight loss, which explains why some people have been successful. The following sections highlight the main benefits.

The Changes are Healthy

Modere does promote healthy changes overall. This includes increasing water intake and exercise, along with avoiding the following food options.

  • Sugary drinks
  • Refined Flour
  • White rice
  • Sugar 
  • Fried foods

Most people would agree that these changes are healthy – especially due to the harm that sugar can cause. Additionally, many of the options here are high in calories.

Modere is Non-Restrictive

Compared to many other diets, the M3 program is fairly non-restrictive, especially are you’re cutting out relatively few types of food. So, this is a plus for most following this approach.    

The largest challenge would be decreasing sugar intake. But, this is something that needs to be done regardless of what diet you’re following.

Plus, followers only have to make three out of the five suggested changes, so it would even be possible to skip this challenge.

This is very different to approaches like keto or paleo, where you are cutting out multiple food groups. Likewise, you’re not attempting to follow an absurdly restrictive meal plan, like in the 3-day military diet or the Cambridge diet.

For some people, restrictive can work. After all, keto diets are incredibly popular and many people can follow them in the long-term.

But, others struggle. Many authors, including experts at Psychology Today, suggest that overly restrictive diets don’t work in the long-term and they can often promote eating disorders. This may also be why many people end up yo-yo dieting.

Indeed, the non-restrictive aspect may be partly why the Mediterranean diet is so powerful.

It does also contain many healthy components, such as olive oil and has a strong plant-based focus. But, the diet also promotes a healthy relationship with food and long-term healthy habits.

There Are Positive Modere Reviews

The Modere site hosts a range of testimonials from people who have seen success through the system.

Modere Weight Loss

Likewise, there are positive customer reviews elsewhere.

Modere Review
Modere Weight Loss Review

Some of these may be biased, of course. Nevertheless, it seems that some people are losing weight by using Modere

Modere has some advantages and is a generally healthy program

Disadvantages of Modere

Needless to say, Modere isn’t perfect – no approach ever is. Instead, there are some strong disadvantages as well.

It Is Product-Based

Even though Modere promotes lifestyle changes, they are also strongly focusing on products. To follow the M3 system, you have to be buying three products every month.

Product-based weight loss plans always have limitations.

For one thing, they’re expensive. If you go through the company, you’re paying around $150 every month for the products. That price isn’t horrible but it does add up.

Cost of Modere

This approach also promotes dependency. Many people might feel that they must buy the products every single month to lose weight.

But, any effective weight loss plan should teach long-term habits. Making people dependent on products is hardly going to help.

The products aren’t particularly amazing either. They may promote weight loss a little – but not dramatically for most. You can also find similar options from other brands.

Limited Focus on Food

Modere does offer some information about food, including recipes, meal plans and shopping lists. But, the bulk of their site emphasizes their products.

Recipes to Wrap Up Summer

In fact, non-members can’t even see an indication of what the diet includes or what eating plans can be expected.

Personally, I’d prefer much more information about food and meals, along with extra support. After all, the food is more significant than supplements can ever be.

It Isn’t Really Mediterranean

The Mediterranean aspect seems to be mostly marketing. The company seems to offer some Mediterranean recipes and meal plans when you’re actually a member but that’s about it.

Even the lifestyle changes that they want you to make aren’t especially Mediterranean. There isn’t even any indication that you should be increasing your intake of plant-based foods or of healthy fats like olive oil.

Plus, relying on supplements and meal replacement shakes is hardly part of the Mediterranean diet.

The Changes Aren’t Dramatic

The various lifestyle changes promoted can help with weight loss – but they aren’t radical changes. In fact, many people would do these when they first tried to lose weight.

This is particularly true for people who do only pick three of the five lifestyle changes. For example, you might avoid sugary drinks, drink five glasses of water per day and walk 7,500 steps.

Those are still healthy changes. But, they aren’t all that unusual. Because of this pattern, some people might not lose weight, especially if they were fairly healthy anyway.  

It Is Short-Term

The focus of M3 is on three months of weight loss. This makes it a diet, rather than a lifestyle change.

The approach is nutritionally balanced, so you could carry it on for longer. Still, the short-term focus is problematic, especially as it feeds into the diet mentality.

Additionally, most safety research into the products will have assumed three months at a time. As such, there may be some risks or side effects if you try to use the products in the long-term.

Negative Modere Weight Loss Reviews

While there are some positive reviews, many people don’t like Modere. For example, some reviewers have problems with the taste – making it difficult to keep going with the products.

Horrible Taste

One user said that she had lost weight. However, she thought the weight loss was probably due to her behavioral changes, not the products themselves.

Behavioral Changes

Finally, there are multiple reports of side effects, including heartburn, stomach issues, nausea and rashes.


Overall, the reviews show that some people are happy with the products, others aren’t.

This much is true for any product. Even so, there are more negative reviews for the system than I’d expect. This means that relying on Modere is a bit of a gamble.

And honestly, when the approach isn’t that great anyway, there is little reason to take the risk.

While there are benefits to Modere, the design doesn’t strongly support long-term weight loss

Modere Review - Final Verdict

The simple answer is yes, you can lose weight with Modere.

For that matter, most diet systems out there work, to some degree or another. But, the system isn’t particularly amazing, not for the money you pay.

Instead, you would get better results from a long-term lifestyle change. You can even find more guidance at free sites like Tasteaholics than you can through Modere.   

With Modere, most observed benefits would come from the lifestyle changes anyway – not the products.

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  1. I bought the trim, burn, and three day detox. I already live a healthy lifestyle. I just needed a little extra help losing a few pounds and getting an energy boost. Not only did this product not give me energy, I could take a nap right after taking the burn vitamins, I gained 8 pounds. I contacted customer service and was told that it was weight from water being retained. They also told me to purchase another two month supply. This was not water weight and when I asked for a refund they told me I was past my 30-day trial. Needless to say I would not recommend this product in the 30-day money-back guarantee is very sneaky.


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