Leptigen Review. What Is It? Does It Work For Weight Loss?

Leptigen Review

With so many people wanting to lose weight, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there are so many products on the market that promote themselves as ‘miracle’ solutions. One of these is the supplement leptigen.

According to the company, Leptigen is a supplement that significantly helps with weight loss and there’s even scientific research to prove that outcome.

Well, with this Leptigen review, we’re going to take a realistic and unbiased look at precisely what Leptigen is, how it works and whether it is actually worth taking. Before we start, I want to make it clear that I have no connection to the creators of this product at all.

Instead, I want to provide my readers with honest and up-to-date information about what truly works for weight loss and what doesn’t.

What is Leptigen?

Leptigen is basically a weight loss supplement. The name appears to be a play on the word leptin, which refers to the hunger hormone that has been the focus of a considerable amount of research and attention.

Yet, despite that connection, Leptigen doesn’t actually appear to have anything to do with leptin. Instead, it is a fairly typical diet supplement that relies heavily on (which is a supplement in its own right), along with a few other compounds.

Leptigen Image

In theory, leptigen is supposed to be significant for safe and effective weight loss – although the creators don’t offer much insight into the amount of weight loss although, exercise and a good diet are recommended.

For optimum results

Leptigen Ingredients

According to the company, Leptigen just contains four ingredients, although that information is a little misleading.

Ingredients in Leptigen

One issue is that Meratrim is actually a blend of ingredients. Additionally, there are the non-active ingredients that are used to create the capsule.

Supplement Facts

But, in terms of weight loss, it’s the active ingredients that are most relevant, so we’re going to take a look at these and their implications for weight loss.

Green Tea Extract

There is a decent amount of evidence around the idea that green tea can contribute to weight loss and green tea has long been viewed as a healthy drink overall. This is also the motivation behind products like Fit Tea, which also suggest that green tea can promote weight loss, often because of its potential to increase fat burning and even metabolism in some cases (1,2,3).

Nevertheless, there are many different ways to get the compounds from green tea into your diet without having to rely on an expensive supplement. Indeed, there are even fairly inexpensive green tea extract supplements on the market, although there is much debate about whether these actually play a role in weight loss.

Weight Loss Pill

The research around green tea also means that this extract is found in pretty much every weight loss tea and supplement out there. Yet, most of those products don’t tend to have radical effects on weight loss.

Overall, it is possible and even likely that green tea extract has some impact on weight loss.

In fact, green tea extract is frequently promoted, with many people suggesting that it can help. One example is the site Nutrition Express, which backs up its views with research.

But this effect is likely to be relatively small. This supplement is also extremely common, which reinforces the idea that it doesn’t actually have that much of an impact.

After all, if green tea extract did actually have significant impacts on weight loss, we would have heard all about it, as many people take green tea extract as a supplement on its own. Likewise, you find green tea extract as an ingredient in so many different health and weight loss supplements.​

There is some evidence for the weight loss benefits of green tea and green tea extract but green tea is hardly an unusual ingredient

Chromium ChromeMate

ChromeMate is a specific form of chromium that is used in the supplement. In theory, chromium is supposed to play a role in controlling blood glucose levels and can potentially influence weight loss because glucose levels affect hunger.

That pattern is a key reason why chromium is often included in weight loss supplements (such as Plexus Slim).

Nevertheless, despite the focus that Leptigen places on chromium, there isn’t that much evidence for its role in weight loss (4,5).

Some studies have supported the idea, including the study that Leptigen cites, but the general consensus is that this effect doesn’t occur frequently and may not be that strong (6,7). 

It’s also worth noting that the one study that Leptigen cites as evidence is almost 20 years old (8), which means that it isn’t a particularly reliable source of information. 

Chromium may be relevant for health but evidence for weight loss benefits is very limited

Natural Caffeine

As with green tea, there is certainly some evidence that caffeine contributes to weight loss. Leptigen highlights four potential areas of benefit here:

Caffeine benefits

I’m not really going to look at the research here because caffeine is a huge area and I’ve covered some of this in various discussions on the health benefits of coffee. In general though, research does tend to support the benefits that Leptigen claims, including the potential for coffee to improve energy metabolism, for some people at least. Nevertheless, the long-term effects of caffeine may not be substantial for weight loss.

However, once again, there are many ways to get caffeine into your diet and most people probably get a fair bit of it already. Additionally, you’re probably better off turning to coffee rather than trying to get caffeine in a supplement form.

In terms of amount, the company notes that there is 75 mg of caffeine per capsule. You take two a day with Leptigen, so that’s 150 mg of caffeine each day.

Precisely how much caffeine you get in a cup of coffee varies considerably, around 95 mg is a fairly common amount. So, from two capsules of Leptigen, you’re getting a bit less caffeine than you would from two cups of coffee.

The effects of that are likely to be different from one person to the next, depending on how you react to caffeine and also how much you normally consume.

As with green tea, there is some evidence for the role of caffeine in weight loss but the compound is an extremely common one


Meratrim bottle

I saved Meratrim for last as this is the most interesting ingredient. In particular, this is the ingredient that you won’t often find in other weight loss products. The product itself is made up of extracts from Garcinia mangostana and Sphaeranthus indicus which are a fruit and a flower, respectively. Meratril contains those extracts in a 1:3 ratio.

These herbs do have a history of being used for traditional medicine (9,10). That history explains the interest in the herbs but doesn’t necessarily prove that they offer health or weight loss benefits.

In theory, these compounds are supposed to decrease how much fat that fat cells obtain from the bloodstream, decrease the multiplication of fat cells and increase how much stored fat is burned. However, most of those effects have been determined in models, rather than actual humans.

One experimental study did find that supplementing with two herbs significantly increased weight loss for obese participants. In particular, the supplement group lost 3.5 times as much weight as the group that took the placebo (11).

That sounds amazing but this is just one study and only had a total of 60 participants, who were on a set diet and were obese. The study itself was also sponsored by the company that produces the supplement.

Now, that sponsorship doesn’t necessarily mean that the study is biased but it is something to be aware of. Certainly, there are many ways in which experiments or results can be subtly altered to produce desirable results and funding source can influence results (12).

Another factor is that this study only considered obese participants on a specific diet. So, it doesn’t show whether similar effects would occur for a different type of diet or for people with less weight that they need to lose.

A second study found a similar outcome although it also suffered from the same limitations. Indeed, the study even used the same diet and a similar sample group (13).

Overall, the study does act as evidence that Meratrim works, it just isn’t especially good evidence.

And... these are the only two studies that are cited as evidence that Meratrim works for weight loss. That's appalling because two studies don't prove anything, especially when you consider just how similar those studies were to one another.

Meratrim is probably the most unusual aspect of Leptigen but the amount of research done on this compound is extremely small and the evidence is not nearly as strong as the company implies

Side Effects of Leptigen

The company claims that there are no significant side effects with Leptigen but this is probably a little optimistic. For one thing, reviews suggest that multiple people experience gastrointestinal issues as the result of the supplement.

While this is something to be aware of, it isn’t clear how applicable this is to the general population – especially as reviewers don’t tend to say what else they changed when they started to take the supplement.

Additionally, Leptigen does contain a significant amount of caffeine, so some people may experience symptoms as the result of this, such as jitteriness or being light headed. Now, the company suggests that this isn’t an issue but it may be for people that don’t have much caffeine normally.

Side Effects of Leptigen

Beyond the impacts of caffeine, the ingredients of Leptigen do generally appear to be safe and are unlikely to cause health issues in most people.

It is also worth noting that the company advises people to seek advice from their healthcare practitioner if they have any significant health problems or are taking other medication.

This is important advice, as herbal supplements can often have impacts on other medication, which can be dangerous. As such, you can’t assume that the product is safe for your situation just because it appears to be safe in general.

The site Drugs.com is a good starting point for this topic and the authors highlight a range of interactions between herbal supplements and medication.

While Leptigen appears to be mostly safe, there is some potential for side effects, particularly in relation to the caffeine and interactions with other medication or supplements

Leptigen Reviews

One of the best ways to find out whether a product is any good is to take a look at what people think of it. This is especially easy when products are sold on Amazon because you get a wide range of viewpoints.

In the case of Leptigen, there aren't many reviews but there are some. These are mixed but there are many more negative ones that I would like to see. A similar pattern is true for reviews on other sites as well.

Side Effects 3
Gained Weight
Stomach Aches

Even so, there are some positive reviews. 

Positive review3
Positive Review
Positive Experience

There aren't enough customer reviews to get a true picture of whether Leptigen works. However, the reviews do suggest that there are some issues and that many people don't see results. 

The company also has a strong focus on marketing and on getting people signed up to subscriptions. That's never encouraging. It's always better to find companies that focus on their products first, not on sales. 

There are many negative reviews for Leptigen, suggesting that customers often don't see benefits

Leptigen Cost and Where to Buy

The main place to buy Leptigen is through the company’s website. If you do it this way, you can buy a 30-, 60- or 90-day supply, each of which comes with various gifts. When buying it this way, the price per bottle ranges from $109.95 to $89.95, depending on how much you’re buying.

Leptigen Cost

Even at the least expensive option, you’re paying roughly $1 per day. That’s pretty expensive. Now, if the product did everything it implies, then it might be worth the price for some people. Nevertheless, it’s still a lot of money to pay.

You can also buy the products from Amazon if you want to go that way instead. There are a few different options to choose from but, for the most part, the prices are pretty similar.

Both Amazon and the Leptigen sites do offer guarantees on the products, although the one on the Leptigen site is stronger. In particular, they offer a 120-day money back guarantee.

120 Day Money Back Guarentee

That guarantee may sound appealing but it’s important to note that companies often don’t follow through on these, so you can’t be certain that you will actually be able to get your money back.

In fact, many people experience problems with Leptigen's customer service and with cancelling orders. This issue alone is a reason to consider Amazon

The most common places to buy Leptigen are on the company's website or via Amazon but in both cases the supplement is expensive

My Leptigen Review

Realistically, most people would lose weight taking Leptigen but not for the reasons you might expect. Instead, the company recommends that people exercise regularly and take the following approaches:

For optimum results

Needless to say, if you were to do all of that you would lose weight, regardless of whether or not you were taking leptigen.

In terms of the supplement itself, reviews certainly suggest that the effects aren’t dramatic and research tends to agree. In fact, the main ingredients that support weight loss are the caffeine and potentially the green tea extract and those are both extremely common compounds.

For that matter, you’re likely to see more weight loss benefits from simply drinking either green tea or coffee, especially as having a hot drink can also help to reduce hunger briefly.

There is some evidence that chromium and Meratrim are also relevant for weight loss but the research support is slim, at best. As such, these compounds are unlikely to have a weight loss impact and if they do that effect isn't likely to be strong. ​

Ultimately though, when it comes to weight loss, fad diets and pills don’t tend to have much impact. Instead, the most powerful approach is to develop a lifestyle that can support weight loss.

Now, I’m not talking about a diet here. Instead, I’m talking about something that you can sustain in the long-term. What this ends up looking like varies from one person to the next. For some, it might be a vegan or a paleo diet, while for others it may involve intermittent fasting, a ketosis diet or something entirely different.

But, regardless of what a healthy lifestyle looks like for your needs, products like Leptigen tend to have very little impact and are, at best, short-term solutions for a problem that needs a long-term answer.

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Instead, you need sustainable habits and healthy foods.

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Have you tried Leptigen or something similar? What were your experiences?​

12 thoughts on “Leptigen Review. What Is It? Does It Work For Weight Loss?”

  1. Hi Vince,
    thanks for an interesting article and thorough review of Leptigen! It is certainly a big “hype” on the market about all these weight loss supplements. I’m very much for what you recommend – to exercise and eat healthy – and the weight will drop because of natural causes.

    Although, I am curious about this Garnacia Cambodja (I’m not sure about the spelling) that everyone is talking about right now. Does this supplement work you think? They market it together with apple vinegar I have seen. It is everywhere now…

    Thanks again for a great review!
    Best wishes,

    • There is some evidence for Garcinia Cambogia and a few studies suggest that it may help with weight loss. However, the evidence isn’t substantial. It’s also likely that any effect that does exist is relatively minor. Still, you could see more effect from that than from Leptigen. Besides, if nothing else, Garcinia Cambogia is considerably cheaper.

      But, you’re right that eating healthy and exercising is what it comes down to. At best, supplements may make weight loss a little easier but they aren’t going to cause amazing results.

  2. What an informative review on Leptigen. You have covered everything one needs to know about this diet supplement. I was never one for taking diet supplements and have alway reduced my food intake when I feel I need to lose a few pounds. I like the point you made about these kinds of supplements haveing only short term results. They do not solve the problem they just cover it up for awhile.

    • Diet supplements always make me worried. Over the years, there have been a few powerful ones, which I guess is why people are still interested in the idea. However, the problem is that any supplement that truly does shift weight is also likely to put health at risk, such as by increasing the risk of heart disease.

      At the end of the day, there simply is no ‘quick’ fix for weight loss. Because of that, diet pills will never be able to live up to their hype.

  3. This looks like an interesting supplement. Was looking for a good weight loss supplement and has no idea till now what exactly is leptin but after reading this post I think I might want to consider including this supplement.
    I have never had any supplements for weight loss before, do you think I should take this supplement?

    • I wouldn’t recommend it personally.

      Like most diet supplements, there is no evidence that this will actually do anything. The only part that’s likely to work is the caffeine and you don’t need a supplement to get caffeine in your diet.

      Besides that, even if you find a diet supplement that does something, the effects are likely to be small. After all, for all the hype and diet pills out there – the vast majority do nothing. And, the few that truly have been powerful caused effects that were dangerous to health as well.

  4. Hi Vince,
    If I missed this in the article, I apologize. What I’m wondering is the exact function of Leptigen. I agree with you that the name implies it involves the hormone leptin.
    If it increases leptin sensitivity, it can help a person feel less hungry, so it would have some value.
    I think that if we take supplements, we shouldn’t just be asking whether they’ll help us lose weight. We should be asking specifically what they do, and we need to educate ourselves as to how that function will serve us. Otherwise, we may just be spinning our wheels.
    Weight loss should come from healthy digestive and endocrine systems. The ketogenic diet mixed with high intensity interval training may be the best possible solution. Supplements such as apple cider vinegar can help us keep our livers clean and blood sugars low, so there is some value in supplementation. We just have to be careful.
    Sorry about the book. :/

    • As for the precise function of leptigen – the company doesn’t actually state. That’s one of the most concerning things about it for me.

      But, looking at the ingredients, it’s simply a combination of herbs that are supposed to help with weight loss. Their mechanisms include the idea of speeding up the metabolism. But, the evidence for these is fairly limited. To be honest, the strongest evidence comes from the caffeine and there is certainly no shortage of places to get that in the diet.

      The end result is that the supplement could work – but it probably doesn’t. There isn’t much evidence supporting it. Plus, the evidence that is there is similar to countless other diet supplements on the market.

  5. Hello Vince,
    I agree with your review concerning Leptigen, it is an overrated supplement with not enough people in a long-term study. I agree with you that if you stay away from the high processed carb junk foods and eat natural foods you should be able to be healthy. Other things that are necessary to sustain a balanced lifestyle are exercising and sleep. I stay away from ingredients that I cannot pronounce or know what they are, in this case, the Chromium Chromemate. Good review.

    • As you say, there isn’t enough evidence to show that this offers benefits.

      And yes, a healthy lifestyle is always going to be better. Realistically, there is only so much that any pill or supplement can do. That’s why companies like this state that you still need to follow a healthy diet and exercise plan.

  6. Hi Vince,

    Great honest review! It’s so funny because when I was reading all of the additional steps the company was suggesting you take, the first thing that pooped in my head was “If you do all of that then you will lose weight without the pills,” and then you said it later on lol So I agree with you 100% that diet and exercise is the best answer. Not supplements. Great Review!

    • I believe that the company has to say something like that legally. But yes, you could lose weight without the pill – which really defeats the purpose.


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