Javita Coffee Review: Will It Help You Lose Weight? (Updated 2020)

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There are many weight loss products out there, including so-called miracle solutions and items that are ​designed to make weight loss a little bit easier.

Yet, figuring out whether a given product is going to work for you can often end up being almost impossible.

For one thing, there doesn’t tend to be all that much science.

Instead, companies make bold claims based on fairly sketchy data. Likewise, they rely heavily on what customers think, which isn’t an especially accurate technique.

In this post, we’re interested in one particular weight loss product that’s on the market: Javita coffee. Specifically, this Javita coffee review aims to find out whether the products truly live up to their claims or whether this is just another hyped up diet product.

What Is Javita Coffee?

Javita coffee is produced by a company simply known as Javita Coffee Company. The company itself uses a direct marketing model. That model means that distributors earn money by promoting the coffee. As a result, many of the Javita coffee reviews out there end up being biased to some degree.

​​I’m not a member of Javita, nor do I ever plan to be. As such, my goal is to make this Javita coffee review as accurate and up-to-date as possible. That way, readers have the information they need to make informed decisions.

​Now, there are actually a number of different products offered on the Javita site, including coffee, cocoa, tea and fruit drinks.

Javita Coffee Review

Each of these products comes with its own claims and set of ingredients, although the underlying principles are similar.

But, for this Javita coffee review, I’m going to ​simply focus on the coffee itself. After all, the coffee is the reason that many people end up being interested in this company.

The Products Themselves

There are two key coffee products that Javita coffee produces. One of these is called Burn + Control, while the other is called Energy + ​Focus. Both of these are types of coffee with some ingredients added in.

Of these two, Burn + Control is (not surprisingly) the weight loss product. Specifically, it is designed to boost metabolism and suppress appetite.

Javita Burn + Control

The idea of improving your metabolism is extremely appealing. In theory, a higher metabolism means that you have to pay less attention to what you eat, as your body burns energy faster.

In fact, many of us know people like that – whose metabolisms offer them much more flexibility in their food.

But, intentionally controlling your metabolism is a fiercely debated topic. For example, one prevalent dietary myth is that if you eat ​many small meals, you will lose more weight. Likewise, some people claim that skipping meals dramatically decreases your metabolism and can hinder weight loss.

Yet, the research to support those concepts is minimal and research also suggests that lifestyles that rely on being hungry some of the time (like autophagy and intermittent fasting) can be powerful in their own right.

There are also legitimate ways to improve your metabolism, including getting enough sleep (1), staying hydrated (2), consuming sufficient protein (3) and yes, drinking coffee (4).

​Of course, those methods are all things that you should be doing to stay healthy anyway. That claim even includes coffee, as the health benefits of coffee are more significant than most people realize.

So, can Javita coffee do anything for your metabolism that regular coffee can’t?

Well, that’s debatable, and we’ll look at it in more detail when considering Javita coffee ingredients.

The other coffee product is Energy + Mind.

Energy + Focus

I’m less interested in this one, as this Javita coffee review is mostly focused on the idea of weight loss. In contrast, the general idea of this product is to improve your energy, alertness and the like.

More Energy etc.

It sounds great. But again, does the reality actually live up to the claims?

Both types of coffee are fairly basic, relying on coffee plus a couple of extra herbs

Javita Coffee Ingredients

As is often the case, Javita coffee is essentially coffee with some herbs added in. You can see similar patterns with weight loss teas, like Iaso tea and Flat Tummy Tea. Other types of products also rely heavily on herbs and various nutrients, such as Thrive patches.

In most cases, the scientific support for individual herbs is fairly minimal.

​That isn’t too surprising. After all, there are thousands of different herbs out there, each of which is complex chemically. Additionally, scientific research is a time-consuming and expensive process.

​So, you’ll find that relatively few herbs have been studied in much detail. St. John’s Wort is one example of an herb that has been relatively well studied but it is the exception, not the rule.

​For that matter, the idea of simply adding in herbs to achieve health outcomes isn’t well-studied either. ​Companies often seem to include specific herbs just in case there is a benefit. ​

I​n the case of Burn + Control Javita coffee, the company itself just lists the following ingredients.

Ingredients Label
Burn + Control Ingredients

So, beyond the coffee, there are two herbs. One is garcinia cambogia and the other is yerba mate.

I’ve actually looked at garcinia cambogia in the past, as it is a common choice for weight loss teas and for products like Plexus Slim

  • ​There are some studies that suggest that garcinia cambogia may promote weight loss (5,6) but other studies have failed to find an effect (7,8).
  • ​All-in-all, the evidence in current research is extremely minimal (9).
  • It’s also likely that if an effect did exist, it would be small in size.

​Yerba mate doesn’t seem to be as common in weight loss products or in research.

  • ​Some research does suggest that it may have weight loss potential (10,11).
  • ​However, most of that research has been conducted in rats or is theoretical, rather than practical.

As a type of tea, yerba mate is appealing and many sites (like FitDay) talk about this benefit. But, you're likely to see more weight loss impacts from drinking it independently.

​Additionally, with both of these herbs, the levels considered in research aren’t necessarily the same as what you get in the coffee.

In the end, there is little evidence that these herbs do actually help with weight loss and no evidence that they would in the context of Javita coffee.

The general pattern is the same for the Energy + Mind option. Here, the ingredients are different, and you’ve got coffee, green tea and two herbs.

Ingredients Label 2
Energy + Mind Ingredients

Now, there is evidence for health benefits from green tea, which is one reason why green tea is so popular. For example, the site Wellness Mama talks about many of these benefits. 

But once again, if you want to get benefits from green tea, you’re probably better just drinking that to begin with.

As for bacopa monnieri, the herb is used to improve some aspects of thinking and learning (12). As for how significant it is, well, that’s debatable. Personally, I’m not convinced, especially as it is mostly used as a supplement, rather than an ingredient in coffee. 

The same idea is true for gotu kola as well.​

The evidence for the various benefits is shaky at best and there certainly isn't enough information to prove the benefits that Javita Coffee Company claims

Javita Coffee Reviews

Now, the direct marketing model does mean that Javita coffee reviews are biased. In particular, you’re likely to find some distributors who heavily promote the product, even if their experiences don’t match their claims.

Thankfully, the products are sold on Amazon, so it is possible to see a range of reviews. These are mixed, with many positive reviews and many negative ones as well

The average is better than I would have expected. Even so, that type of pattern isn't encouraging. It suggests that people either love or hate the product. 

There are also many distributors for the company. So, some of the positive reviews will come from them, which biases the outcomes. Some negative reviews will also come from people trying to dissuade you from joining Javita - rather than from actual users. 

To get around this, we can look at individual experiences and see what people have to say. 

Review 21
Review 17
Review 18

So, it's clear that some people do see results. However, that's not the case for everyone.

Review 22

Some people even experienced significant Javita coffee side effects.

Review 13
Review 12
Review 11

I also noticed reviewers saying that they needed to dilute the coffee to reduce side effects – which isn’t really that encouraging. None of this is unusual. I noticed similar reviews and issues with Valentus Slim Roast Coffee.

One final consideration is taste. Whether you enjoy Javita coffee or not will probably depend on your preferences. But, it is a type of instant coffee, so it's never likely to be amazing. For people who are particular about coffee, Javita may even be undrinkable. 

Horrible taste

On the other hand, you may enjoy Javita if your preferences are less specific. 

Never had coffee before

In many ways, the reviews don’t help all that much. They may mean that the product only works for some people. Or, the positive ones may be just from distributors or people deluding themselves.

So, this is something that you may have to decide for yourself.

Javita coffee reviews are extremely mixed

Javita Coffee Side Effects

The Javita coffee reviews did show some side effects, so I wanted to mention this briefly. The side effects include insomnia, headaches, jitters and stomach pain.

However, relatively few reviewers reported these.

It’s likely that the side effects do exist, however, they may be person-specific. For example, the coffee may be stronger or more intense than what you’re used to, which could easily contribute to some side effects.

Nevertheless, the side effects are worth considering. After all, regular coffee offers most of the same benefits as Javita claims to anyway – so why risk side effects if you already enjoy the coffee that you drink?

Even though relatively few people seem to experience side effects, they do exist and can be a reason for avoiding the coffee

Switching to Javita Coffee

There is one other thing to consider.

Coffee is an emotional drink for many people, one that they tend to savor and enjoy. ​

Likewise, coffee drinkers are also particular in their tastes. That’s partly why there are so many different coffee brands and flavors out there, as everybody likes something different.

Would you be willing to switch to a brand that probably doesn’t taste as good if it helped you to lose weight? Some people would, others wouldn’t.

But, the tradeoff doesn’t seem worth it with Javita coffee.

Realistically, the Burn + Control coffee only includes two extra herbs anyway and it’s debatable whether these would have any effect on weight loss.

Instead, you’d probably get just as many benefits from sticking to normal coffee. After all, coffee does tend to suppress appetite and even increase metabolism (to a degree) on its own.

Most of the benefits from Javita coffee are also present with regular coffee. So, do you really want to switch away from the coffee you love for the off-chance that the extra herbs actually help?

Javita Coffee Questions and Answers 

Q: Where can I buy Javita Coffee?
A: The coffee is mostly sold through distributors, so you'll need to find someone selling it. You can also find the coffee on Amazon from time-to-time and you can buy through Javita's site. 

Q: How much does Javita Coffee cost? 
A: The retail price is $120 for 3 boxes through the Javita site. Each box contains 24 sticks of the coffee. There are discounts if you become a distributor and the coffee is sometimes cheaper on Amazon. 

Q: Is Javita Coffee unique?
A: No. Companies like Valentus Slim and others offer the same type of product, just with different herbs. 

Q: Will it help me lose weight?
A: It may, but the outcome would be mostly from the coffee itself and possibly the placebo effect. There is little research supporting the individual herbs.  

Q: Is the coffee safe?
A: Mostly. There are some side effects but these tend to come from the caffeine. You may react to the herbs but that's unlikely. 

Q: What are the active ingredients?
A: Coffee, ​garcinia cambogia and yerba mate

Q: What type of coffee is it?
A: Instant coffee with added herbs

Does Javita Coffee Work?

Woman drinking coffee

The combination of reviews and ingredients suggests that there is some chance that Javita coffee is effective but the likelihood is pretty minimal. As I mentioned before, you’ll probably get similar results from regular coffee and won’t risk any side effects.

Honestly, that’s a good general rule anyway.

If you want to improve your health and lose weight, you’re much better off sticking to natural and healthy food, including fruit, vegetables​, dairy and red meat.

Likewise, you can rely on approaches like lemon water or normal coffee if you want. In fact, research suggests that even instant coffee is good for your health (13).

These types of options tend to be much better for your health (and your wallet) than buying into overhyped products and hoping that some extra herbs will help your weight loss chances.

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