Ginger Shots – Powerful Benefits and How to Make Them

Ginger shots

Ginger shots are the next big thing. They’re a fantastic way to promote your health and get all of the benefits that ginger has to offer.

Recipes vary, but ginger shots typically rely on a small amount of fresh ginger juice, along with at least one other type of juice. The size makes them easy to drink, while the other ingredients help mellow out the taste.

The end result is a perfect start to the morning. The shots are surprisingly easy to make too – and check out the advantages!

Benefits of Ginger Shots

Many people wonder whether ginger shots are worth the effort. The simple answer is that they are. There are many reasons to try ginger shots, including the following.

1. They increase your ginger intake

Like many spices, ginger can promote health. But, it has a strong and distinctive flavor. This means that you can only use ginger in some situations. Ginger shots are an easy way to increase your ginger intake and get access to the benefits.

Health advantages include the following:

  • Ginger can help to decrease nausea (1,2,3).
  • The spice has gastroprotective effects and may help with issues like gas, constipation and indigestion (4),
  • It helps lower joint pain and stiffness (5,6).
  • The effect on joints may be because ginger can decrease inflammation (7,8). This is a key reason for consuming ginger regularly.
  • In a similar way, ginger can help lower muscle soreness (9,10).
  • The spice can also help protect the brain, lowering oxidative stress and inflammation (11).
  • Ginger may improve diabetes outcomes, such as HbA1c, glucose levels and insulin resistance (12,13,14,15,16).
  • Ginger can sometimes relieve asthma symptoms by promoting muscle relaxation (17,18).
  • You may see a weight loss impact too. Ginger has the potential to reduce hunger and increase fat burning (19,20,21).

Many of these benefits relate to compounds in ginger, including gingerol and shogaol (22).

2. You’re getting the ginger raw

When ginger is included in the diet, it’s normally cooked as part of a recipe. But, the health benefits may be more powerful with raw ginger.

A ginger shot is an easy way to consume raw ginger regularly. The shot also tastes good – a definite bonus.

3. You’re consuming other important ingredients

Ginger and honey

Most ginger shot recipes also contain various other ingredients. Many of these can have benefits of their own. Some examples include:

  • Turmeric. Like ginger, turmeric has many different implications for health. It also has a distinctive flavor, one that combines well with ginger.
  • Manuka honey. This is thought to be the most powerful type of honey, offering significant antimicrobial impacts, along with other benefits.
  • Cayenne pepper. Some recipes add in cayenne pepper for an extra kick. As with other spicy foods, cayenne pepper does offer various health benefits, such as improving digestion. It also makes the drink much more interesting.
  • Lemon juice. Lemons have some surprising health benefits. The flavor also works well with ginger and you’ll find lemon juice included in many shot recipes.

A ginger shot won’t normally have all of these ingredients. But, it’s clear that there is no shortage of benefits to be found.

You can also play around with the combination to find a drink that you enjoy.

4. Ginger shots are safe

Ginger is a safe addition to the diet (23), one that has been used for centuries. It has also been used in countless studies (like the ones cited earlier), which reinforce the safety.

The same is true for other ginger shot ingredients. The shots are also natural and you’re avoiding any processed junk. Plus, if you’re making the shot yourself, you’ll know exactly what is going into it.

As always, anyone who is on medication, is pregnant or has a significant health condition should talk to their doctor first. Spices are healthy and natural. But, they can sometimes have interactions, especially with medication. It’s always best to be safe, especially if you plan to have the shots daily.

5. They’re easy to prepare

There are various ways to make ginger shots and some are more complicated than others. But, in general, the shots are easy to make.

This makes them perfect for getting fast health benefits, without interrupting your morning.

6. The shot can wake you up

Ginger has a bite to it. A ginger shot is a great way to shock you awake first thing in the morning. Some of the other ingredients can have a similar impact. Plus, the drink is very good for you.

How to Make Ginger Shots at Home

Ginger Shots

So then, how do you actually make the shots? There are two general approaches. Both ideas can work well, they just use different equipment.

Using a Juicer

If you’re going to make ginger shots regularly, using a juicer simply makes sense. This means you’ll get all of the beneficial compounds from the ginger, without anything that’s hard to consume or digest.

Making a ginger shot with a juicer is simple – just peel the ginger and add it to the juicer.

There are a few considerations that can help.

  • You don’t need to peel ginger before juicing. But, if it is shriveled or non-organic, you should peel it first.
  • Juice the ginger first and then any other ingredients. This makes sure you get as much juice from the ginger as possible.
  • Around 1/2 an inch to 1 inch of fresh ginger is perfect for many people. But, you may want more or less, depending on your preferences.
What you need

With this approach, you just need a juicer. Any reliable juicer should be just fine for ginger.  

Advantages and disadvantages
  • Shots made in a juicer are often fast to prepare. 
  • You can also juice other components of the recipe. For example, one simple recipe is to juice ginger and then an apple. That’s all there is to it.
  • But, you need to invest in a decent juicer first.
  • The juicer will also need to be cleaned. Cleaning isn’t normally difficult but it is an extra step that you need to take.

Ginger Shots Without a Juicer

A juicer might be a good choice – but it isn’t necessary. Some recipes skip the juicer altogether.

One approach is to simply peel the ginger and grate it. You then use the grated ginger directly in your shot. You could also chop the ginger finely. This creates a slightly odd texture, but it is drinkable.

Some people go a step further and blend the finished shot (you might need to add a little extra water). That helps even out the texture and makes it easy to drink.

You can also make ginger juice by simply using a grater and a cheesecloth, as the video below shows.

The site Nest & Glow also offers some information about making fruit and vegetable shots without a juicer. You can check out the details here. Their approach focuses on using a blender and then a cheesecloth. Any blender that makes smoothies should be fine for ginger shots, as the process isn’t tough on the appliance.

What you need

Your equipment will vary depending on the approach you take. But, the main items are:

  • A grater
  • A cheesecloth (or possibly a fine mesh sieve)
  • A blender (like this one)
Advantages and disadvantages
  • Recipes that don’t use a juicer often involve extra steps and can take a little longer to prepare.
  • There may be cleaning up too, especially if you rely on all three pieces of equipment.
  • But, you don’t have to purchase any specialized products. After all, blenders are pretty common, while most people won’t have a juicer at home.

You can also make shots using ground ginger instead of fresh. But, you may not get as many benefits. Fresh ginger also tastes better.

Ginger Shot Recipes

Ginger shot recipes

There are countless ginger shot recipes that you can try. Each has a unique flavor profile and a different combination of health benefits. For example, the video below showcases a recipe for ginger turmeric shots.

The best approach is simply to experiment. Try out multiple recipes to find out which ones you like. You might even figure out your own recipe, using the ideas from other authors.

One fun recipe is this Immunity Tonic, which was featured on PopSugar. It uses manuka honey and orange juice to create a sweeter shot. This can be a good place to start for anyone nervous about ginger shots. The combination of ingredients may also help improve immune health.

These Immunity Juice Shots from With Food + Love are another way to boost your immunity. They're also an example of a carrot ginger shot recipe. There are some other interesting ingredients too.

The site Well and Good also has a great No-Equipment-Required Shot that uses tea as well as more conventional shot ingredients.

If you’re after a kick, check out this Ginger, Lemon and Cayenne Shot from Pure Green. The cayenne adds an extra boost to the drink and will quickly wake you up. There are various other ginger cayenne shot recipes too, like this Spicy Lemon Ginger Wellness Shot from Food Babbles.

A simpler alternative is this Ginger and Lemon Shot from Cinnamon Soul. It just includes three ingredients and you don’t even need a juicer. There are many other fresh ginger shot recipes to try too, like this set of three from Inspired Taste.

Ginger Shot Tips and Hacks

Ginger shot with raw ginger
  • You’re making a shot – so drink it like one! You should be consuming the whole thing in one gulp. Don’t sip it.
  • The strength of ginger can vary. Older ginger is the most common type and tends to be spicier.
  • Many recipes rely on ginger, turmeric and lemon juice. It’s worth always having these ingredients on hand.
  • If the shot is too intense, try adding some water.
  • Try not to rely on ingredients that are high in sugar, like orange juice.
  • Most shot recipes are best consumed immediately. You can typically store them in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 24 hours. But, they won’t be quite as good afterward.
  • Start slowly. You might experience some stomach discomfort at first, especially if you don’t consume ginger often. Try cutting down the amount of ginger if you have this issue.
  • Check your ginger first. Make sure there is no discoloration or mold.
  • You can make organic ginger shots by relying on organic ingredients.

Where to Buy Ginger Shots

Another option is to simply buy ginger shots. The idea has become popular, so there are plenty of places that sell them.

Local health food stores and juice bars are great places to check out. The options will vary depending on where you live. But, the list below shows some examples. 

  • Pure Green, located in New York. This store also has online shopping
  • Jamba Juice offers fresh and bottled ginger shots. Availability does vary by location. But, most stores will probably have one or the other.
  • Whole Foods Market is another good place. Some stores offer in-house ginger shots. You’ll often find bottled ginger shots for sale too, like this one from Kor Wellness.

Some grocery stores will stock premade ginger shots. Coffee shops may as well (like Starbucks). If you purchase anything premade, make sure you check the ingredients first.

There are also online options if you can’t find anything local. For example, Amazon has 2.5 oz. Organic Ginger Shots that come in 6 or 12 packs. They have various flavors to choose from like apple ginger, pomegranate ginger and pineapple ginger. 

Buying ginger shots like this tends to be more expensive than making your own. But, you will get something that lasts longer and involves less mess. That might be useful, especially if you’re not at home.

Are Ginger Shots Good for You?

The advantages of ginger shots are clear. You’re getting important compounds from ginger that help to promote health and make you feel better. The other ingredients can help as well.

Plus, the shots are easy to prepare and you can tweak them based on your own preferences. What’s not to love?

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