Does TestMax Nutrition Work For Health and Testosterone?

TestMax Nutrition is a program developed by Clark Bartram that claims to be able to significantly boost testosterone for men. By doing so, it is also meant to promote a range of other benefits, including better health overall and weight loss.

Sustain, Lose and Support

What’s more, the program isn’t just a supplement that you take. Instead, the TestMax Nutrition system aims to teach people the knowledge and the skills that they need to improve testosterone naturally.

The idea certainly sounds appealing.

After all, testosterone does decline with age – and it can feel like you’re losing some of your masculinity at the same time. There are also countless advertisements that suggest you will feel so much better and more alive if you can simply increase testosterone.

But, how well does TestMax nutrition work and is it worth investing in? That’s precisely what we’re going to look at in this post.

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What TestMax Nutrition Has to Offer

The TestMax Nutrition system is broken down into three key phases. These are designed to help people move from their current lifestyle to one that is actively promoting testosterone.

The individual phases are as follows:

Phase One – Hormonal DetoxPhase Two – Male Hormone Optimization and RechargePhase Three – The Test Max Lifestyle

For the most part, the goals of these different stages should be obvious. So, the first one is designed to detox your body, the second helps to boost testosterone production and the third focuses on maintenance.

I’ll come back to the individual phases shortly. First, we’re going to talk about what you get with TestMax Nutrition.

The service itself costs $97.

Review your TestMax Nutrition Cart

This includes the basic TestMax Nutrition program, along with free access to the meal plan and recipe guide for one month.

The system itself is described like this:

TestMax Nutrition System

The terms here are fairly vague and a virtual program could be pretty much anything. However, details from the site show that you’re mostly getting video training, including some theoretical videos and some practical ones.

The Test Ph.D ModuleThe Masculine Meal Prep Module

You also get access to a members’ only website and content.

Membership Area

The free 30-day membership is also worth mentioning. This gives you meal plans and recipes, which don’t seem to be included in the basic TestMax Nutrition package (despite all the hype).

Meal plans and recipes

Free 30-day access is pretty good and gives you enough time to decide whether you want to pay monthly for continued access. But, there’s a catch.

When you sign up for the basic program, you get the meal plans and guides automatically. It’s then up to you to cancel that component before the 30 days is up. If you don’t – you get billed $67 per month for it. That’s a frustrating outcome, especially as some people will get caught out by the automatic rebilling.

Membership conditions

That aspect is also a marketing trick and a concerning one. Personally, I don’t like any company that forces me into a trial that I don’t want. You also can’t be certain that they will actually cancel your membership when you ask. Some companies don’t and stopping payments can get difficult quickly.

But, tricky marketing aside, how well does the TestMax Nutrition system actually work?

The Concepts of TestMax

As mentioned previously, there are three phrases in TestMax:

Phase One – Hormonal DetoxPhase Two – Male Hormone Optimization and RechargePhase Three – The Test Max Lifestyle

Anxiety, stress or fatigue

Here, we’re going to consider the logic behind them and whether or not they are likely to work.

First of all, the actual concept of detoxing is heavily debated and involves a considerable amount of pseudoscience. However, I’m not going to cover that here, especially as the first phase isn’t really a detox anyway.

Instead, the first phase focuses on changing the diet to block estrogen, which also includes cutting out key foods that could introduce estrogen.

There is some scientific merit to that idea as well because estrogen can become elevated in males, especially as they age. Symptoms of this include (1):

  • Feeling tired
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Increased belly fat
  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Poor sexual health
  • Depression

Estrogen can increase due to age but food choice may also play a role. In particular, many foods contain phytoestrogens, which are thought to promote increased estrogen. Soy is one key example and this is one reason that many people avoid soy products, including soy in plant-based protein powders.

As Dr. Axe points out, phytoestrogens are more complex than most people believe, with the potential to be both healthy and unhealthy. As a result, the goal is to get a good balance and needs will change from one person to the next. But, for people with too much estrogen, lowering phytoestrogens in food is a good approach and TestMax Nutrition sounds like it does this and also decreases estrogen in other ways.

So then, finding ways to decrease estrogen makes sense, especially for anyone with symptoms of excess estrogen.

The second phase of the diet is focused on increasing testosterone through foods that help you achieve this. This idea also makes sense, especially as there are various foods that naturally boost testosterone. For example, Dr. Mercola lists seven such foods and many are also beneficial to health in other areas – such as olive oil, garlic and whey protein.

Research does also indicate that testosterone is critical for health, weight loss and muscle development (2,3,4). There is also some suggestion that the modern American diet may contribute to decreased testosterone levels in males (5).

For men with low testosterone, boosting it makes sense and could dramatically improve how you feel and your overall health. This aspect alone makes the concept worth considering, especially as TestMax Nutrition is a natural approach.

TestNutrition Food

At the same time, TestMax Nutrition does rely on many foods that are exceptionally healthy in their own right. So, it’s easy to see how it could be beneficial.

Nevertheless, even if the program works for increasing testosterone, it may not be right for everybody. After all, there are many types of health issues and these have a range of different causes. For example, if low testosterone is a symptom of an underlying condition, rather than a cause, increasing your testosterone levels isn’t going to fix anything.

Likewise, people vary in the way that their bodies respond, along with what diet and lifestyle approaches suit them. So, TestMax Nutrition could work well for you, or it may have no significant impacts at all.

Does TestMax Nutrition Work?

Many of the concepts behind TestMax Nutrition do make sense, especially for men past 40. But, what about the program as a whole?

Advantages of TestMax Nutrition

One of the biggest advantages of TestMax Nutrition is that it’s designed for men, particularly those above 40. Most other diets and lifestyle changes are targeted at both males and females, while not focusing on any significant age group.

Yet, there are significant biological differences between the genders and men above 40 also have specific challenges that they face. As a result, a system specifically designed for males could potentially offer more targeted benefits than a more general nutrition approach.

Additionally, this is a diet and lifestyle method of boosting health – instead of relying on supplements. Relying on whole foods first is always the best choice, especially as most weight loss supplements (like Performix SST) don’t work anyway.

Meal Prep

There is also some food images on the site, which offers you some indication of the meals that you’d be eating. From these images, it looks like there is a strong emphasis on meal prep. That’s likely to suit some people and not others.

At first glance, it also looks like a low-carb diet (but probably not ketosis), although it’s difficult to be sure. For example, the bottom image looks a little like a keto fat bomb but the top one seems to have rice in it. Likewise, the site does talk about healthy fats, reinforcing that idea.

Regardless of the specific diet approach, the emphasis on whole food is clear. As a result, the diet would be good for health.

Plus, it could easily make you lose weight and feel better, especially if you were mostly relying on processed food before.

For that matter, TestMax could work well for males wanting to learn more about preparing their own meals. After all, the target audience is men – so you might enjoy following this more than a more general meal plan.

Disadvantages of TestMax Nutrition

As with any product or service, there are also some negative aspects of TestMax Nutrition. The first of these is simply the excessive hype.

Supercharge your mind and body

The site consistently focuses on ways that TestMax Nutrition can revolutionize health and dramatically change the lives of those using it. In fact, some pages even warn you not to lose too much weight, which just reinforces all that hype.

20 pounds of belly fat

At the same time, there isn’t all that much information about the nutrition approach that is being taught.

Now, I get it. The company isn’t going to make money if it tells you all the secrets before you buy anything. But, any site with excessive hype and intentionally vague details is pretty concerning.

After all, you just know that this is a meal plan that’s designed to help boost testosterone. That’s not much to go on. Personally, I would want to know more – like whether it is low-carb and how strict the plan is.

One other thing is that TestMax Nutrition isn’t unique. Instead, there are multiple products out there that promote the same general concepts in various ways.

For that matter, TestMax Nutrition comes from the site – which offers a range of different courses. Many of these are focused on muscle mass rather than health but they seem to use some of the same principles.

Other courses

What’s more, many of those programs get poor feedback. For example, here’s one review for Abs After 40.

Abs After 40

Now, there are differences between the two programs, including what they offer and how they work. But, the marketing is similar and TestMax Nutrition is exactly $97 as well.

The site No Bullshit Bodybuilding also offers detailed information about Sixpack Shortcuts itself – including why that product is so misleading and concerning.

To me, these perspectives are a major red flag.

TestMax Nutrition

Even though they’re not about TestMax Nutrition itself, TestMax Nutrition is promoted alongside these products. What are the odds that TestMax Nutrition is decent, even though the others seem to be scams?

Well, that’s possible, sure. But, it’s not very likely.

The final problem I want to mention is reviews. If you just glance online, you’ll notice many glowing reviews for TestMax Nutrition. But, if you look a little closer, you’ll see that most of these aren’t accurate.

Instead, many are simply a single page of hype and tend to repeat most of the same claims that you see on the initial sales page. Many of these so-called reviews don’t have a single negative thing to say about the product – and the writers don’t seem to have tried it for themselves.

For that matter, most sites promoting TestMax Nutrition are using affiliate marketing, so they’re making money from sales. Now, affiliate marketing isn’t a bad thing – but it can sometimes make people biased.

Final Thoughts

So, what about it? Is TestMax Nutrition something to try for yourself?

Honestly, probably not. Even if you do need to increase testosterone levels, doing so naturally isn’t too difficult. For example, some people turn to Tongkat Ali as a supplement for testosterone and sexual health. There are also products like Nugenix, although reviews for that are mixed.

As I mentioned before, there are many testosterone-boosting foods out there and multiple lists that compile them. Some sites (such as Simply Shredded) also offer detailed information about diet approaches to increase your testosterone levels.

With that in mind, what exactly does TestMax Nutrition offer that’s so amazing?

Sure, it’s an all-in-one program that should teach you what meals you need to eat and perhaps how to plan them. Yet, with few legitimate reviews and a large amount of hype, you probably won’t get what you’re expecting.

It’s also worth mentioning that you only get the meal plan and the recipe guide with the monthly membership. So, you get less information if you don’t want to pay monthly.

At the end of the day, TestMax Nutrition could potentially help improve your testosterone, weight loss and health. But honestly, it’s a fairly expensive chance to take, especially when most the information you need is free elsewhere.

Even if the program works, there is nothing radical about it and it certainly doesn’t live up to the hype.

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Does TestMax Nutrition Work?

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