Mango Butter Skin Benefits – A Surprising Moisturizer and More

Mango Butter Skin Benefits

Mango butter is a soft and creamy ingredient, often used in skincare products or on its own. While it isn’t as common as shea butter, mango butter can work extremely well.

In fact, mango butter skin benefits are significant.

The butter can also be used to make many amazing beauty products – and I’ve listed some of these recipes later in the article.

It’s also easy to find and can be a good addition to your skincare repertoire.

What is Mango Butter?

Mango butter or cocoa butter

As the name suggests, mango butter comes from mangoes and is extracted from the mango seed kernel using expeller pressing. It is a natural product that is powerful for moisturizing the skin and promoting skin health (1).

It is also a non comedogenic oil. This means that mango butter won't block the pores in your skin. So, it won't promote pimples or acne, even if you have oily skin. 

The butter has roughly the same color and consistency as cocoa butter. At room temperature it is solid and melts with skin contact.

This also means that it needs to be stored in cool and dark places, especially if you live in a warm climate. When stored well, it can last between 18 months and 3 years.

Because the butter is made from mango kernels, it doesn’t smell much like mangos at all. Instead, the scent is slightly sweet and mostly unnoticeable.

The relatively mild scent makes mango butter a good alternative to shea butter for skin benefits. This means that mango butter can be used with subtler fragrances.

Mango butter looks like cocoa butter and is produced from mango seed kernels

Mango Butter Nutrition

For the most part, mango butter is used externally, not consumed (although it is edible). Even so, some of the nutritional components are relevant, as they are why the butter can help the skin.  

Mango butter is popular for the antioxidants that it contains, including vitamins A, C and E. The butter is also a good source of moisture, which is important for helping your skin.

The main two fatty acids present are oleic acid and stearic acid. Oleic acid is prevalent in avocados, avocado oil, olives and olive oil, and is responsible for many of their benefits.

Mango butter does also have some compounds in common with mango peel and mango powder, especially as mangos are powerful nutritionally (2). But, mango butter is made from a different part of the plant, so there are key differences as well.

Mango butter is a key source of antioxidants and contains oleic acid

Mango Butter Skin Benefits

Skin benefits

Like cocoa butter or shea butter, mango butter is a common product for the skin. It’s easy to see why, as each of these is smooth and creamy, often helping to cool down and moisturize the skin.

But, each type also has a unique chemical composition, resulting in different properties. For example, shea butter is rich in vitamin A, while cocoa butter has large quantities of fat (3).

Mango butter has also been promoted as a good alternative to cocoa butter, with research suggesting that it may offer some advantages (4). Some specific benefits of mango butter include the following:

  • Soothing. Mango butter is good for soothing the skin and can help to calm down the stinging and itching of bites and rashes as well.
  • Decreases dryness. Mango butter is naturally moisturizing, making it perfect for dry skin. Some recipes even use this advantage to help with dry lips.
  • Promotes youthful appearance. The vitamin A in mango butter can make the skin seem more youthful, potentially reducing the appearance of wrinkles as well.
  • Firms the skin. The vitamin C present can help to plump up the skin somewhat, also making it appear firmer.
  • Environmental protection. Mango butter may play a role in sun protection. The impact is relatively minor, so you can’t entirely rely on it. Still, it is a useful benefit.
  • Anti-aging. The antioxidants in mango butter may help to fight aging and some of the associated symptoms
  • Skin repair. Some research suggests that mango butter may help with skin repair, particularly the cracked and worn skin that is commonly seen on feet (5).
  • In most cases, you would use mango butter as part of a recipe, as this is more practical. However, the butter can also be used on its own if that is your preference.

    Mango Butter and Hair

    Mango butter is mostly used for the skin but it can offer hair benefits as well. For example, the butter can help reduce moisture loss, improve shine and make the hair softer.

    Here as well, the best approach is to rely on mango butter recipes. These can offer better outcomes and create a product that is easier to use as well.

    Mango butter offers many benefits for your skin and hair

    Refined or Unrefined Mango Butter?


    Mango butter products come in two general forms, refined or unrefined.

    Unrefined mango butter goes through less processing and contains larger amounts of unsaponifiable matter. These components may offer more moisturizing benefits and can be better for your skin.

    The refining process also alters the composition of mango butter. This can include removing the scent and color. Various chemicals are often used to change the texture as well. This process impacts the nutritional profile and overall benefits.

    Some refining methods also involve heat, which can significantly change the chemical properties of the mango butter.

    As with any product, the unrefined option is the best choice. This gives you the ideal starting point for making your own mango butter products as well.

    You can normally find indications about the processing by reading the product label. Phrases like cold-pressed, crude, raw and unrefined are often indications of a natural and healthy product.

    Unrefined mango butter offers more advantages

    Mango Butter Skin Recipes

    Mango butter skin recipes

    Mango butter offers many benefits for the skin but using it directly often isn’t practical.

    For one thing, the butter is surprisingly hard at room temperature. It also melts on skin contact and tends to be absorbed quickly. You can still use the butter directly but you risk making a greasy mess in the process.

    Instead, people tend to rely on mango butter recipes. These still offer all the benefits of mango butter but they’re much more practical. They also get around other issues, like the butter forming clumps.

    For example, the video below offers one way to use mango butter as a facial cream.

    There are also other types of recipes that you can make. The site Humble Bee & Me features 10 of these, including more unusual options, like Whipped Pumpkin Spice Body Butter. Other interesting recipes include the following:

    While recipes vary, they often use similar ingredients, such as:

    In fact, many recipes use a combination of shea, cocoa and mango butter. This can be more expensive but gives you access to the unique benefits and properties from each type of body butter.

    You can also use recipes as a baseline and make modifications as you go. After all, you’ll have your own preferences about which scents and textures you enjoy the most. The site Life Simply offers a detailed guide making this type of product without a specific recipe.

    There are many amazing mango butter recipes and you can design your own as well

    Making Your Own Mango Butter

    Making mango butter for yourself may seem ideal. This gives you the most control over the process and means you know all of the ingredients used.

    But, mango butter is created by pressing mango kernels. As a result, most people wouldn’t be able to make it for themselves.

    Some sites do offer recipes for making mango butter, like Livestrong. But, those recipes are normally for mango-flavored butter that you would use in cooking. That’s a completely different product and not one that should go on your skin.

    There is an interesting discussion on Soap Making Forum about the processes in making actual mango butter. As the users there mention, pressure is a necessary component, you cannot just make mango butter using the kernels and conventional tools.

    Thankfully, there are high-quality brands out there that use minimal processing.

    Making mango butter at home isn’t practical

    Where to Find Mango Butter

    Some stores will stock mango butter. But, it’s much better to look online. This gives you access to more products and it is much easier to compare them to one another.

    Out of the many options, there are three specific products that we recommend. Each of these is high-quality and receives good reviews. They also focus on ensuring their mango butter is natural.

    The first brand is Rise ‘N Shine. This mango butter is unrefined and is also organic. The product is made in India and doesn’t contain any additional ingredients. The container is plastic but is labeled as BPA-free.   

    Another brand is Sky Organics, which considers the butter to be 100% organic and unrefined. The product is produced in India and packaged in the United States. There are no additives or additional chemicals.

    A final brand is Sumaroma. The style here is roughly the same as the other brands, including the idea that the butter is pure and raw.

    One unusual thing to mention is the packaging. This brand sells 16 oz of mango butter but the container is considerably larger (32 oz). This is intentional and makes the butter easier to use. There is even enough space that you could make your own skincare product in the jar directly.

    All three of these brands are good choices, offering mango butter that should provide many benefits for your skin.

    Mango butter is easily purchased online and there are many high-quality brands

    Final Thoughts

    Mango butter is a powerful choice for promoting skin health. It works well in homemade lotions and similar products, while also offering beneficial compounds.

    The butter is also a good alternative to cocoa butter and shea butter. With so many good recipes out there, the product is worth trying out for yourself. You may find that it makes your skin look so much better. 

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    Mango Butter Skin Benefits

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