Ginseng Coffee – a Remedy for Body and Soul

Ginseng has a number of benefits. Ancient Chinese people used it as a cure for nearly everything. Science has further confirmed that ginseng has the potential to improve memory, reduce stress-related health issues, regulate blood pressure, protect the heart, and boost reproductive function in men.

With so many advantages and very few side effects, ginseng should definitely be among the most popular natural medications in the world. Its problem? The taste. While many Asian people traditionally use the root and have no objections to its specific flavor, Westerners don’t seem to enjoy it very much.

However, recent studies show that blending ginseng with bitter compounds like coffee or cocoa can improve its taste tremendously. Thus, ginseng coffee is now growing in popularity everywhere!

What Exactly is Ginseng?

The word ginseng means “the human plant” in Chinese. Ginseng refers to the root of a hedging plant called Panax. While its Chinese name alludes to the shape of the root, its international (originally Greek) name, Panax, means “all healing.” 

While there are at least a dozen different Panax species, the name Panax ginseng refers to Asian ginseng – also known as Korean ginseng, Chinese ginseng, white ginseng, or red ginseng. 

It may seem confusing to hear that white ginseng and red ginseng are names for the same plant, but the terms white ginseng and red ginseng are actually about the time of harvesting. If the plant is harvested within three years from seeding, it is called fresh ginseng. If it’s harvested between the fourth and sixth year, it’s white ginseng. After that period, it becomes red ginseng.

In addition to Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng), there’s also the so-called American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius). The two types of ginseng have different amounts of active compounds – ginsenosides and gintonin. 

Because of the differences in this ratio, the two plants have different effects on the body. While the Asian variety stimulates our cognitive function and makes us alert, the American variety has a calming effect. Nevertheless, both plants have positive effects.

How Ginseng Coffee Helps Us Live Healthier

Chinese traditionally use Panax ginseng as an anti-aging elixir, natural energy booster, or an effective love drug. Today, people drink ginseng coffee to accomplish the same with a more desirable flavor. 

Ginseng helps certain processes within our body go smoothly. It increases our cognitive capabilities, helps us concentrate, and allows us to memorize things easier. Last but not least, ginseng is a proven aphrodisiac with multiple positive effects on the male reproductive system.

To date, research has proven 7 benefits of ginseng consumption.

1. Ginseng helps reduce inflammation of cells.

Ginseng is a powerful antioxidant that protects tissue from inflammation. It reduces oxidative stress and helps with treating different conditions such as eczema (skin cells inflammation), muscle damage after exercise. 

2. Ginseng boosts memory and mood.

Some tests have shown that regular consumption of Panax ginseng may prevent brain damage. While not only preventing, the plant also increases our abilities to focus and think. It may also cause an improvement in memory function. 

A single dose of Asian ginseng also increases mental performance. It regulates blood sugar levels and prevents mental fatigue that some people tend to experience while doing complex intellectual work. Surprisingly, ginseng may help people with Alzheimer’s disease restore some of their intellectual function. It is important to add that the dosage should be limited to a smaller amount.

3. Ginseng is a natural remedy for impotence and infertility.

The antioxidant feature of ginseng has multiple advantages. In addition to protecting cells from inflammation, it also lowers the level of oxidative stress in blood vessels in the male reproductive organs.

Ginseng also helps our body to produce nitric oxide, which relaxes muscles and improves circulation.

4. Ginseng Improves the Immune System.

While there’s still no research that shows what the effects of ginseng are on the immune system of healthy people, we know that the plant does help people with cancer, including those who’ve been through chemotherapy or surgery. One study has shown that higher doses of ginseng (5.4mg a day) for two years may boost the immune system and reduce the risk of recurrence of symptoms. Another study suggested that using ginseng may increase immunization effects. 

5. Ginseng is a Cancer-Fighting Food.

Ginseng lessens the risk of some types of cancer and acts as an excellent supplementary treatment against cancer. 

Again, it’s the antioxidant potential of the plant that reduces inflammations and protects the cells. One of the active substances of ginseng, ginsenoside, inhibits the growth of abnormal cells. People who consume ginseng regularly have a lowered risk of developing cancer.

In addition to that, ginseng improves the effects of chemotherapy and reduces side effects.

6. Ginseng is an energy booster.

Ginseng increases energy and prevents fatigue – even for those who suffer from chronic fatigue. As a result, the plant enhances physical activity. Like the conditions listed above, the key is in diminishing oxidative damage, thus improving energy production.

7. Ginseng helps us fight diabetes.

Both Asian and American ginseng help regulate blood sugar by improving pancreatic cell function and boosting the production of insulin. The two plants also help mitigate blood sugar increases.

For better effects on blood sugar control, it is recommended to use fermented red ginseng.

When You Shouldn’t Use Ginseng

According to studies, ginseng doesn’t have any adverse effects on the body. However, some people still need to be careful about using the plant.

If you take medications for diabetes and combine them with ginseng, your blood sugar level could drop. It’s important to monitor your blood sugar regularly if you choose to mix the two.

If you’re taking anticoagulation drugs, ginseng may diminish their effectiveness.

Pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and small children should not use ginseng. Although, this is merely because of the lack of research that includes these groups.

Don’t use ginseng for too long without breaks as prolonged usage of ginseng may reduce its effects. We recommend taking it for a couple of weeks, then taking a one-week break.

How to Add Ginseng to Your Healthy Diet

There are many ways to consume ginseng. You can eat it raw, cook it, or make tea from it. For tea, slice some ginseng root, put boiling water on it, wait for a couple of minutes, and your ginseng tea is ready. Ginseng can be bought in pharmacies in the form of pills, powder, capsules, or tablets.

But the best way to include ginseng in your diet and make it a daily habit is to drink some ginseng coffee each morning.

Best Ginseng Coffee – Top 5 Choices

Here are our favorite ginseng coffee brands.

1. XPower Instant Coffee for Men Tongkat Ali Ginseng Coffee All Natural Male Enhancement Energy Boosting 6.9oz Bag (Pack of 8)

Xpower Coffee is an instant drink that contains American ginseng extract (Panax quinquefolius), tongkat ali (another ancient herbal medicine), coffee, creamer, and sugar. 

Both ginseng and tongkat ali have many benefits, and both contribute to the male reproductive system. But they still work best combined. This ginseng coffee is formulated to increase the libido and performance of men during sex.

One pack contains eight small bags for eight servings.


  • Brand: Coffee King
  • Ingredients: Tongkat Ali, American Ginseng Extract, instant coffee, non-dairy creamer, sugar
  • Manufacturer:  ‎Longreen Corp.
  • The number of servings per pack: 8


  • Contains both ginseng and tongkat ali
  • Instant drink – takes a minute to prepare


  • Doesn’t contain Asian ginseng

This ginseng coffee mix contains Asian ginseng from Thailand and coffee. In addition to these key ingredients, it also has sugar and creamer - which makes the drink extremely easy to prepare.  It has all the benefits of Asian ginseng, enhanced by the benefits of coffee. It boosts energy levels and helps you focus during intense intellectual challenges.

The package contains 20 mini-packs, one serving each, and this product meets Halal standards.


  • Brand:SUPER
  • Flavor:Ginseng
  • Ingredients: Asian ginseng, coffee, creamer (non-dairy), sugar
  • Weight: 400 Grams (20g x 20 Single Serving Sticks)


  • Contains Asian ginseng
  • Halal certified
  • Large package


  • None

Here’s another mix of tongkat ali and ginseng in a cup of coffee. Just like XPower coffee (the first item on this list), this coffee drink contains American ginseng as well as tongkat ali. Both plants have positive effects on the body and can be consumed daily.


  • Brand: Gold Choice
  • Ingredients: American ginseng, tongkat ali, instant coffee, sugar, creamer
  • Net Wt: 400 grams (20g x 20 sachets)


  • Contains both ginseng and tongkat ali
  • Instant drink
  • Contains 20 individual packets


  • Doesn’t contain Asian ginseng

Here’s another SUPER ginseng coffee on our list. It contains all the ingredients as the previous one from the same manufacturer – coffee, sugar, creamer, and ginseng – and it also includes tongkat ali for superb performance, both mentally and physically. It is Halal certified and safe for prolonged use.


  • Brand:SUPER
  • Flavor:Tongkat ali & Ginseng
  • Ingredients: Ginseng, Tongkat ali, coffee, creamer (non-dairy), sugar
  • Net Weight: 400 Grams (20g x 20 Single Serving Sticks)


  • Contains Asian ginseng
  • Halal certified
  • Large package
  • Halal certified


  • None

This 4 in 1 ginseng coffee contains a bit higher amount of American ginseng – 200 mg per serving. Additionally, the mix comes with sugar, coffee, and creamer. The package contains 10 individual portions in separate packets. Just like the previous items, this is an instant drink. All you need is a cup of hot water and one mini package of ginseng coffee.


  • Brand: Coffee King
  • Flavor: Ginseng
  • Ingredients: sugar, coffee, American ginseng, creamer
  • Unit Count: 10.00 Count


  • High amount of ginseng


  • Doesn’t contain Asian ginseng

Buyer’s Guide

All these ginseng coffee blends are excellent quality products. Each has a great taste (once you get used to ginseng) and is guaranteed to help you to be a bit healthier. On the other hand, all ginseng coffee blends also contain sugar and creamer. But with the strong taste of ginseng, most people enjoy this.

There are lots of options out there. Here are our recommendations based on your various needs.

Best Ginseng Coffee with tongkat ali: Gold Choice Instant Tongkat Ali Ginseng Coffee

Best Ginseng coffee with Asian ginseng: SUPER Ginseng Coffee

Best price: SUPER Power 6in1

Best coffee with a high dose of ginseng: PureGano American Ginseng Coffee Latte

Final thoughts

It’s never easy to find the right product when there are so many options, and the same applies to ginseng coffee. 

We’ve shortlisted some of the finest ginseng coffee blends, and now it’s your turn to try them out. You already know that the taste of ginseng might be unpleasant to those who haven’t gotten used to it, but it is certainly worth trying - especially considering the multitude of benefits.