Ginseng Coffee – a Remedy for Body and Soul

Ginseng Coffee

Ginseng has a number of benefits. Ancient Chinese people used it as a cure for nearly everything. Science has further confirmed that ginseng has the potential to improve memory, reduce stress-related health issues, regulate blood pressure, protect the heart, and boost reproductive function in men.With so many advantages and very few side effects, ginseng should …

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Is Pita Bread Vegan? Beware of Secret Ingredients

Is Pita Bread Vegan

Basic Ingredients of Pita BreadLet’s begin with the ingredients list. Those necessary are warm water, white flour, yeast, and salt.Water is vegan – obviously. The only exception being water that isn’t filtered or pure (think flavored water).Salt – also known as sodium chlorine – is okay as well. There are many different types of salt …

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