Top 3 310 Nutrition Shake Flavors

310 Nutrition shakes have over five delicious shake flavors, which include high-quality ingredients. With so many nutritional shakes on the market, 310 shakes separate themselves by producing a no-grit, clean and flavorful shake. Known for the creamy, smooth texture, these shakes provide nutrition with a rich taste. There are many flavors to choose from, but our list below will provide you with 3 flavors we cannot get enough of! Find out more about the top 3 shake flavors chocolate, vanilla and caramel below.

Before we get into what makes these shakes great, here are some honorable mentions. Toasted coconut and Mocha are two great flavors that almost made our top 3. With their robust flavors and exceptional nutritional values, both are worthy of a try, but when it comes to the popularity they came in as a close 4th to our top 3.

Top 3 310 Nutrition Shake Flavors

1. 310 Shake Chocolate

310 Shake Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Often, when we began our health journey, chocolate is one of the most popular flavors we crave. For many, chocolate is the safest choice in flavors, due to its familiarity amongst the masses. You can get your chocolate fix without all the grit and after-taste that many other shakes give you. This flavor can be enjoyed at any time of the day and with almost any ingredients you wish. That is why this shake flavor is number one!

2. 310 Shake Vanilla

310 Shake Vanilla

Vanilla, another one of those classic flavors that can be used in so many ways! By providing nutrition and versatility, vanilla made its way on the list for this very reason. You can blend it with 310 peanut butter powder, almond milk and a banana to make one great shake! No matter how you blend it, this flavor is a classic.

3. 310 Shake Salted Caramel

310 Shake salted caramel

Some many health nuts miss their daily dose of flavored sugared java in the morning, but this flavor can fix that. This salted caramel flavor is a great way to create a healthy Frappuccino that leaves you with a no grit flavorful experience. Keeping it simple also can also please those taste buds. By blending this highly rated flavor with a banana, coffee, or almond milk, it can still provide optimum nutrition.  You can be creative with this flavor to create any one of your favorite coffee drinks you miss.  It’s no wonder this flavor ranks in at number 3. 

310 Nutrition Honarable Mentions

310 Shake Toasted Coconut

310 toasted coconut

The Toasted Coconut flavor, just like the other 310 shakes, contains quality ingredients and exceptional nutrients.   This tropical flavor blends well with pineapple and banana to make one refreshing shake.  With the similar nutrition facts as the other shakes, toasted coconut has 90 calories, 1 gram of fat, 6 grams of carbohydrates and 15 grams of protein.  Try this flavor to get the taste of the tropics!

310 Shake Mocha

310 Mocha

310 shake flavor in mocha has so many delicious mixed flavors all in one shake.  Mocha has a chocolaty flavor with a hint of vanilla and a quality coffee taste.  With a total of 90 calories, 1.5 grams of fat, 7 grams of carbohydrates and 15 grams of protein.  Don’t judge it by its 4th place rating, just like all 310 shakes this flavor will not disappoint.

What Makes a Great Shake?


A flavor needs to be delicious on its own, yet carry the ability to mix well with a variety of ingredients. For our top 3 flavors, we looked at their complexity to blend well with coconut, almond milk, mixed fruits and almost anything you like in your shakes. Having a flavor that can be used to create a variety of shakes is important when we are looking for something new.  310 shake flavors are made to be versatile and yet complex in nutrition.


Have you ever found yourself dabbling in nutritional shakes, only to find yourself stuck with a gritty, sandy feeling shake? That gritty container of shake powder can end up sitting on your counter for months. It can be daunting when choosing a new shake brand, but with 310 nutritional shakes, you don’t have to worry.  These shake flavors blend very well! Throw them in a blender with your favorite fruits, milk, and other ingredients to create a smooth creamy shake.  No grit, no after-taste, just nutrition and flavor.


One of the biggest deciding factors when choosing a nutritional shake is the ingredients and nutritional values. Depending on your needs, these two factors can be what helps you find the perfect shake. 310 shakes have considered all dietary needs when creating their product. They are plant-based, keto/paleo-friendly, GMO-free, as well as, free of gluten and dairy. 310 shakes provide a variety of beneficial ingredients to give you the best nutrition possible, without sacrificing flavor.

Top 5 310 Nutrition FAQs

310 Nutrition shake ingredients

These shakes contain a 310 Tri-Plex Blend of vegan protein that gives you 15 grams of protein in one scoop of the powder. All the shake flavors contain plenty of vitamins and minerals, in addition to the 310 Green Blend and probiotics. The blend contains greens such as kale, spinach, spirulina, maca root, and many more beneficial superfoods. The probiotics are beneficial for how our gut activity functions. Probiotics also provide us with many other health benefits.

Can you drink protein shakes on the keto diet?

Not all shakes are created equal. Finding a good low carbohydrate shake, such as 310 shakes can benefit you on your keto diet.  Most shakes are not keto-friendly. They are loaded with carbohydrates, sugars and fillers that can throw off keto ratios. Staying in a ketosis state has to be maintained by following specific macro ratios. Once, those ratios are thrown off it can be a reset to your ketosis.

Are 310 Nutrition shakes Keto friendly?

The majority of keto diets follow the daily carbohydrate intake of 50grams or less. That is why 310 Nutrition shakes are a suitable option when you are on a keto diet. All of the 310 nutrition shakes are Keto friendly with only 7 grams of protein per scoop. Having your daily shake will keep you in ketosis, as long as your other meals are low in carbohydrates.

Is 310 shake low carb?

310 shakes are definitely a low carb shake. With a total of 7 grams of carbohydrates, you will get 2% of your daily value from a one-scoop shake.

Are 310 shakes good for weight loss?

Weight loss can be difficult when it comes to curbing your appetite. 310 shakes provide plenty of nutritional value with only 110 calories per scoop. These shakes are filling and can be implemented as a meal replacement. Most often in a weight loss program, these shakes are utilized when we are between meals. Weight loss programs are commonly characterized by a calorie deficit. This often has you feeling hungry between meals. This is where 310 shakes have the ability to help get you through your day.