Sleep Deprivation – How Lack Of Sleep Can Impact Your Health?

Woman Sleeping in her Bed

Spending hours tossing and turning in bed is a clear indication that you will be cranky and tired the next day. However, the long-term effects of sleep deprivation are more harmful than just making you feel grumpy. Not getting the recommended six to eight hours of sleep every night reduces your mental abilities and increases your risk …

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Does Vitamin D Help You Sleep?

Does Vitamin D Help You Sleep

There are many common reasons for taking vitamin D but sleep isn’t typically one of them. Yet, research is beginning to show that vitamin D supplements may be a way to improve sleep duration and quality.

Can Magnesium Help You Sleep?

Sleeping man

There are countless different techniques, strategies and products out there to help with sleep, one of which is magnesium. This post takes a look at the implications of magnesium for sleep and whether you need to be supplementing it.