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The health and wellness market is flooded with supplements and powders that promise their buyers quick results and money-back guarantees. Some of them have unique ways in promoting their products, often claiming they sell environmental-friendly, GMO-free products in order to stand out from the crowd.

Purium is no different.

From their website, it clearly states that Purium offers the key that benefits our bodies and the Earth. I’m going out on a limb here by saying that in many cases, these health companies are legit, and only have the incentives of doing what’s right and this is usually reflected in their product prices. However, price isn’t often an indication of quality. The best quality product usually the one you can make at home, referring to a list of healthy, recommended products.

Additional reading will tell you that Purium is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. Their marketing technique is unique in a way that when you enroll as a “Brand Partner”, you can give anyone a $50 gift card for their Purium Superfood products. You earn money when they cash the gift card in and even more commission when they, too become a partner. MLMs tend to have a bad rep because these companies rely on these partners and agents to market products to your average consumer, often time harassing friends and family for some commission. You’ve probably been at the butt end of it.

Over the years, MLM companies have been involved in lawsuits and scandals. A look into Herbalife’s history with the law will tell you why. However, despite the nature of Purium’s marketing tactics, I’m going to review some of their most popular product and give my honest judgment on the company. Before we review their 10-day weight loss kit, let’s review some controversies this brand has in the past.


In 2011, Purium was caught violating health and safety codes by having lead approximately 30 of their products. That is a BIG deal. This was filed by the Environmental Research Center.

I still couldn’t get an answer to whether all of their products have been recalled ever since the lawsuit. To keep everyone safe, I wouldn’t bet on it, considering that many of their products do not have the stamp of approval by the FDA.

Anyhow, let’s go through their bestselling 10-Day Transformation- Weight Loss kit that sells at a whopping $249.00.

10-Day Transformation – Weight Loss

Anyone who’s been in the fitness industry can tell you that products which guarantee rapid weight loss in such short periods are a joke. Purium claims its supplements can “reset your metabolism, burn fat, and break your addiction to processed foods”.

It is possible, but by no means, it justifies spending hundreds of dollars for. Let’s take a look at the strict schedule Purium provides if you were to follow this program.

When it comes to weight-loss, it’s all about being in a caloric deficit. You should burn more calories compared to what you’re taking in. For solid food, Purium suggest 3 servings of flex food/beverages a day, which leaves us with mostly fruits and vegetables like avocados, apples, watermelon, and coconut water.

It’s no wonder that they can guarantee weight loss because you’re probably getting less than 400 calories worth of solid food a day. The 3-daily serves of Power Shake are worth 450 calories, and the nightly Fiber Blend will add 60 calories, bringing your average daily calorie intake to 910.

Purium also offers a naturopath to advise you if you have any health concerns or questions regarding their products. These are people who practice the art of alternative medicine, typically leaning towards herbs and traditional medicine. There’s an ongoing debate about whether naturopath doctors are real doctors. There are some licensed naturopathic physicians that attend accredited medical schools, but you can’t be certain with the “naturopaths” a company like Purium will provide.

In America, the term “naturopath” is not regulated in all states. If you have any health and diet-related questions, it’s better to take them to a real doctor where you’re confident of their certifications.

Another Option – Doing it Safely!

To safely lose weight, your average woman should be consuming 1,500 calories to lose 1-2 pounds a week. What Purium is suggesting is actually unhealthy and some have reported feeling sick, have digestive issues, and even mood swings throughout the process. Even the most seasoned MMA fighters are carefully attended to when they cut those pounds for a weigh-in. To instruct someone with no experience to do something similar is quite irresponsible.

You can save money by learning how low-carb diets work and creating your own meal plans. When you start healthy eating, you’ll naturally phase off the processed food, and you don’t need expensive supplements to do that. This is called a keystone habit, where an essential habit (eg. eating clean) will lead to unintended outcomes, such as pushing away the unhealthy food and going for a jog every other day. In a sense, you’ll feel better about yourself. You don’t need supplements or transformation kits for that.

Supplementing with amino acids have shown to improve mood, sleep, and muscle recovery. There are studies that show amino acid supplementation can aid in fat loss, but studies have been inconsistent. I’ll have to hand it to Purium for including the essential amino acids in their weight-loss program.


Based on the reviews, many have had positive experiences with this product, claiming that they’ve lost a lot of weight and felt better. I guess the price of this transformation kit plays a huge role in keeping people on track. Here are a couple of examples:

“The health and weight loss benefit my husband and I got from these superfoods was more than I could have hoped for.” - Deborah P., Yelp

“On my second 10-day Transformation Purium detox program, and I feel fantastic. I don’t have any pain in any part of my body, my digestive system feels like that of my twenty-year-old self.” – Tess, Dietsinreview

At the opposite end of the spectrum, you have those who feel like this product is a complete scam and engineered with the sole intention of making you sick.

“I feel horribly bloated and experienced such strong stomach pain that I could barely breathe. Moreover, the pain wakes me up at night.” – Violeta, Dietsinreview

My Take on the Reviews

You can’t always trust internet reviews, but you should be cautious especially when it comes to your health. As someone who sees two sides of the coin, I personally believe you do not need a supplement to achieve this, what more an expensive one at $249.00.

And sorry to burst their bubbles, but when you lose significant amounts of weight after following a short weight-transformation program, you’re losing water weight and not exactly burning fat, which only happens in the long run from cutting calories at a sustainable rate. Typically, as soon as they lose all that water weight, they’ll gain those pounds back quick.

I do appreciate the fact that Purium has included ingredients that are well-researched such as spirulina, flaxseed, and quinoa. However, this is a proprietary blend and you never know the quantities of each ingredient. A company that prioritizes profits will definitely underdose. This is as good as being irrelevant.

My Thoughts

Based on the 10-Day Transformation - Weight Loss kit alone, I see that Purium has done their research when it comes to ingredients. Just that. However, I consider this weight loss kit an extremely rigid programme that has to potential to make you sick from the sharp reduction of calories and mentally taxing from having to follow such a strict eating schedule.

The fact that Purium is an MLM company doesn’t sit well with me either. The quality of their product is okay at best, but their marketing tactic is tacky. A company that is confident in the quality of their products should not rely on “Brand Partners” to build a downline just to sell.

Take a good look at their compensation plan, and you’ll notice how they market it better than their products itself.

To blatantly label Purium a scam would be unfair to the company, however, I would scrutinize everything in the label. I highly recommend staying away from this company due to its controversial history with the law and the potential of having ingredients that are harmful.

There are no shortcuts to losing fat, and you should be skeptical of products that guarantee insane results in such a short time frame. I have no rights about how you spend your money, but I do believe there are other better options in the market that are transparent and truly care about the well-being of their customers.

And Purium isn’t one of them.

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